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Translation T. SHER SINGH

Blame it on migration and immigration, a world shrunk by mass and instant communication, free cross-border mobility ...

Narendra Modi Dons a Burqa T. SHER SINGH

The world doesn’t love you, nor is it enamoured by you, fellas. It does love your new-found money, though.

The Referee T. SHER SINGH

If mere sincerity and intensity were to be the criteria, The Referee would readily grant each of them a goal.  

Throwing a Lion to the Christians T. SHER SINGH

It gave me the very template of how to approach other religions, any religion, all religions. 


"You Punjabis! You dare to come to live in my land, do business here, and then show me such disrespect. How dare you!"

Forever Beggars:
The Pandits of India T. SHER SINGH

The Kashmiri Pandits are back in Delhi, on their knees, hands out-stretched, once again begging for alms.

What's With This Unity Thing? T. SHER SINGH

As a community we are not a monolith - thank God! -  we are encouraged to think for ourselves.

The Moth and the Flame:
The Life & Legacy of Guru Arjan T. SHER SINGH

Volunteers spill into the streets, gently stop the traffic and offer kacchi lassi to all those who are driving by.  

There Are More Things in Heaven and Earth T. SHER SINGH

After the class, we made a beeline to the library and found the book and quickly read it from cover to cover.

Is It Halloween Already? T. SHER SINGH

A dashing, handsome young man, he truly is. Smashing. Groovy. Cool. Far Out. Neat. Nifty. Hip …

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