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Evolution T. SHER SINGH

Watching over the scene is a tall, erect figure. Quiet, as if everything that needed to be said, she has said a long time ago.

The Extraordinaries:
Harbinder Singh & His Band Of Merry Men & Women T. SHER SINGH

I have had the pleasure of attending many an event put together by Harbinder and his crew.

My Daughter, The Mother T. SHER SINGH

This year, Mother’s Day has an added dimension which has made it all the more rich for me.

The Extraordinaries:
Five Young Men Of Brampton T. SHER SINGH

Art and photo exhibits, lectures and seminars, children’s games and workshops, parades and receptions galore.

A Window of Opportunity For Mr Modi:
A Cri de Coeur From Canada T. SHER SINGH, The Huffington Post

I recall the promise once of how the 20th century belonged to India ... and how that opportunity was lost.

Vaisakhi Meditations - II T. SHER SINGH

There is no gimmickry. No lures, no marketing, no carrots, no sticks. No lies.

Vaisakhi Meditations - I T. SHER SINGH

I chose this route because it had the lure of appearing easier.

Grandparenthood T. SHER SINGH

Life is an ongoing shower of gifts and blessings. The trick, they say, is standing still from time to time to catch a few of them.

Is God Dead?
Or Is He Alive? T. SHER SINGH

It’s a game of thrust and parry … and a lot of blood is spilt in the process. No matter that much of the injury is self-inflicted.

Hola Mohalla T. SHER SINGH

Hola Mohalla was created as an antidote to the shenanigans of Holi.

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