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Truth Bandits

I had a phone message from “Walter Unna”. He was an American reporter with the Washington Post, in town for a couple of days, and would like to meet me.

Truth Bandits

We were standing outside the Kennedy Arts Centre in Washington, DC, waiting for a bus. “It’s a simple bus-ride,“ we were told, “no more than 30 minutes ..."

The Moment T. SHER SINGH

From that moment on, when the doors cracked open and I got my first glimpse past them, I knew one thing as clear as crystal ...

On Being Different:
Meditations on Vaisakhi Day T. SHER SINGH

After dinner, I turned to the one thing that helps me instantly transport myself to another world ...

Gurmeet Kaur Launches Three New Children’s Books
Folktales of Punjab A Review by T. SHER SINGH

I’m disappointed that these lovely creations weren’t around when I was growing up.

Silver Lining T. SHER SINGH

A cloud, a dark and sinister cloud, hovers over the United States of America today,

Last-Ditch Battles T. SHER SINGH

But Trump’s and the Republican Party’s three-ring circus is no grass-roots movement against any Establishment.




The Death Of Democracy T. SHER SINGH

We’ve managed to corrupt yet another great, civilized and civilizing institution …

The Straight and Narrow T. SHER SINGH

Education, education, education, is the battle-cry.

A Good New Translation Of Sukhmani Sahib
by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur T. SHER SINGH

Translations are the need of the hour in present-day Sikhdom.Good translations, that is.

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