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Another Wannabe Tory Leader Turns To Narrow-mindedness And Bigotry JAGDEESH SINGH MANN

If there is a social fabric in this country, it is a giant sheet of …

Blinded By Hatred, A Murderer Finally Opens His Eyes:
The Post 9/11 Killer Of Sikh-American Balbir Singh Sodhi VALARIE KAUR

On this night every year, the gas station is transformed into sacred space …

Diversity Requires Effort RAJVINDER SINGH GREWAL

“Every single day, we need to choose hope over fear and diversity over division."

Kitthey Likhia?

They look for short, instant, ready-made, spoon-fed answers …

A New Scam From The Subcontinent:
A Scheme To Sell ‘Amrat Jal’ to Gullible Sikhs THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE, et al

A new twist to the age-old ‘Ganga Jal’ scam.

It’s Not Just France’s Beaches.
Let’s Now Address The Bigotry In The French Public Schools MALLIKA KAUR

One word summarizes the French attitude: majoritarianism.

The Trouble With Mother Teresa MICHAEL COREN

“I think the world is being much helped by the suffering of the poor people,” she said.

What Can We Expect From India's Thugs Next? T. SHER SINGH

A country busy in destroying itself has no ability to harm others. Period.

Bardish Kaur Chagger is New Leader of The Canadian Government in The House of Commons NEWS REPORT

History was made on Friday, August 19, 2016 …




Lessons From Kashmir HARSARAN SINGH

A nation built on a strong educational foundation is very hard to defeat...

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