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Kuala Lumpur Police Chief Amar Singh Announces Arrests In School Fire That Killed 23 Last Week EILEEN NG

Two adults and 21 students, aged between 6 and 17, were killed.

New Global Report Says India’s Youth Are In Jeopardy SHUSHMI DEY

Self harm (Suicide, etc) has replaced tuberculosis as the leading cause of death of Indian adolescents.

How I Learned To Stop Hating ARNO MICHAELIS

The solution is found in service, and oneness, as demonstrated by the Sikh community.

Latest Australian Census Shows Savaa Lakh Sikhs:
Sikh Aussie Double Their Numbers In Just Five Years DYA SINGH

The campaign for accuracy and correct designation has worked!

Two-thirds Of Canadians Willing To Vote For Party Led By Sikh,

A “much higher willingness” to embrace such change …

In Post-1984 India,
Why Two Hundred Ordinary Hindus Did Not See A Dead Muslim Child On A Railway Station AARTI SETHI

Something fundamental seems to have broken in today’s India.

India - Kameena Nation:
Where Humans Are Butchered And Cows Worshipped YASHICA JALHOTRA

“The cow may be our mother, but we remain ignorant boors.”

Sikh Representation
In British Politics RANVEER SINGH

The news of Preet Kaur and Tanmanjeet Singh ecoming MPs is another example of how a Sikh will always strive to work for the betterment of society.

Two Historic Firsts:
Britain Elects First Female and First Turbaned Sikh-Britons To Parliament JEN MILLS, et al

Preet Kaur Gill and Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi.

Gau Gundagiri
And The Closing Of The Hindu Mind:
India's Cow Hooliganism RAMACHANDRA GUHA, The Hindustan Times

Leadership of the Hindu community has passed into the hands of bigots and reactionaries.

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