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Sikhs Across Canada Deliver Valentine’s Care Packages To Women’s Shelters RATTAN MALL

Valentine’s cards prepared by Sikh children accompanied the packages.

Seven Northern California Gurdwaras Open Doors As 180,000 Evacuate Region In Wake Of Oroville Dam Emergency REBECCA SHAPIRO

Yuba, Butte and Sutter counties.

This Is What The Rule Of Law Looks Like EDITORIAL, The New York Times

Mr. Trump has a toddler’s aversion to the word “no”.

Canadian Government Empowers Its Citizens:
Enhanced Court Challenges Program Provides Funds To Oppose Rights Violations BRENDAN BURKE

Allows citizens to "get off the sideline and into the game."

Quiet Time - 5:
Compassion & Vigilance In Today’s Topsy-Turvy World T. SHER SINGH

Compassion withheld is not any better than active malfeasance.

The Sheer Poetry Of The Trump Inauguration RICK SALUTIN

The words of W.H. Auden find resonance today: ‘Intellectual disgrace / Stares from every human face’ …

From Heartbreak To Hope SARANJIT KAUR BANGA

“I am asking you to believe not in my ability to bring about change - but in yours!”

Quiet Time - 3:
First, Cleanse Thyself T. SHER SINGH

“Begin by washing the dish,  Disinfect it with incense, Only then go and fetch the milk …”

The ‘Strongman’ Problem,
From Modi to Trump STEVE COLL

Both countries, India and US, are now led by egotists … exhorting, bragging, promising, ranting, bullying.

Republic Of Fiji Honours Its Sikh Pioneers On Its New Currency TECH WIKI

An imposing Sardar is featured on new two-dollar bill.

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