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India, A Country Profoundly Sick:
It Has a Disease So Deadly That It Could Die MITALI SARAN, Business Standard

Prop your eyelids open with matchsticks if you have to … it’s a country that mauls its women and children and throws them away like garbage.

Modi’s Hindutva India is Sliding Toward a Collapse of Humanity and Ethics in Political and
Civic Life MITALI SARAN, The New York Times

Modi came to power in 2014, and four years into his term, religious and cultural bigotry now stands mainstreamed in Hindu-Indian society.

The Silence of The Brains:
Hindutva’s Onslaught on ’Nanak Shah Fakir’ MICHAEL SINGH

Hindu India has banned the showing of a 2015 bio-pic on Guru Nanak.

UN Agency Names Indians Amongst The Unhappiest People In The World Based on News Report by REUTERS

Finland is world’s happiest country, India ranks 133 out of 156 nations.

Despite The Country’s Hijacking By The Hindutva Gang,
India Cannot Be Called A Hindu Country KARAN THAPAR

It’s fatuous, mistaken and even offensive to insist that we’re all Hindu.

Things In India Get Even More Silly:
Modi Orders Rewriting of History To Claim Hinduism is Millions of Years Old RUPAM JAIN & TOM LASSETER

“There was a plastic surgeon [in ancient times] who created Ganesh from the head of an elephant and a human torso.”

In Recognition of ‘Maa Boli’ Punjabi:
A Language Spoken by More Than 100 Million Across The World AMMARA AHMAD

The 1st International Punjabi Conference held at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) was the beginning of a rewarding journey …

Billy Graham Was On The Wrong Side of History MATTHEW AVERY SUTTON, The Guardian

Racial tensions are rising, the earth is warming, and evangelicals are doing little to help. That may be Graham’s most significant, and saddest, legacy.

Incredible India:
Indian BJP Health Minister Likes To Urinate In Public MICHAEL SAFI, The Guardian

500 million people in the country still defecate outdoors. Only in India, you say? Pity.

India’s Hindu Caste Wars -
Krishna in Hindu Texts is Dark-Skinned:
Then Why Does Hindutva Make Him Light Skinned? GEETA PANDEY

Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu deity is shown light-skinned. A white elephant?

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