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Lessons From Kashmir HARSARAN SINGH

A nation built on a strong educational foundation is very hard to defeat...

Rio Olympics Committee Threatens To Ban India’s Sports Minister ANNIE GOWEN, The Washington Post

He raised the ire of Olympic officials with unruly behavior …

Sticks & Stones …
Japjee Singh on Bullying R. SCOTT BELZER

“We’re your colleagues, doctors, lawyers, classmates, police officers.”

We Exist To Be Unapologetically Political …
As Advocates For The Disenfranchised MANJIT SINGH

The Wisconsin Gurdwara attack and why post-tragedy rhetoric matters.

Trump vs. Khan:
A Lesson In How To
(And How Not To)
Behave In The Media Spotlight ALEXIA FERNANDEZ

"Let me ask you: Have you even read the United States Constitution?”

Is Donald Trump OK?
Erratic Behaviour Raises Mental Health Questions DANIEL DALE

“It does seem to be the case that he’s kind of off the map.”

God Help Us.
We’re In Trouble Down Here. GARRISON KEILLOR

They’ve nominated a man for president who brags about not reading.

Vice-Presidential Nominee’s Shining Record:
Hilary Clinton’s Running Mate,
Virginia Senator Tim Kaine NEWS REPORT

“No American should have to choose between his or her religion and service to our country.”

Day Two Of Republican National Convention Opens With Sikh Prayer SEEMA MEHTA

Harmeet Kaur Dhillon is vice chairwoman of the California GOP.

The Disturbing Agenda To Rewrite India’s History FAISAL KUTTY

Outrage at the Hindutva movement that encourages changing history texts to promote a distorted Hinduism in India.

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