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Modi Scolded and Given A Lesson in Sikh Values
By US Lawmakers VARGHESE K. GEORGE, et al

“The Sikh community's compassion and forgiveness has been a lesson."

US Senators Rip Into Indian PM Modi’s Alarming Track Record ANNIE GOWEN

“Incumbent upon India to advance the rule of law to all aspects of the society.”

Falsely Accused Of Terrorism:
India’s Lame Attempt To Silence A Human Rights Activist THE CANADIAN PRESS

His crime? Hardeep’s human rights complaint against India to the United Nations!

Post-Multiculture, Post-Komagata Maru Canada:
A Better Version For The Future SAN GREWAL

Growing up, my brother and I were the only two turban-wearing Sikh boys in a rural prairie town.


Simply amazing to see so many people from different backgrounds wearing turbans …

British Columbia‘s Sikhs Deliver $1 Million Worth Of Donations For Fort McMurray Evacuees BETSY TRUMPENER

“We feel they are all our families. They need our help."

Mischief Makers Encourage Pakistani-Canadians To Lie and Deny
Their Mother Tongue, Punjabi,
In The 2016 Census TAHIR GORA

Urdu is neither a major language of Pakistani Muslims nor of Indian Muslims.

Brampton Sikhs Bring Relief To
Fort McMurray Firestorm Evacuees KATIE DAUBS

They ‘give back’ by driving across country with truckload of vital supplies.

Overseeing The Wholesale Plunder Of India PUSHPARAJ DESHPANDE

His pace and scale beats even the pillage by Mahmud of Ghazni … or the Congress Party.

Unmasking Modi

From Modi’s hollowed-out form of success, bereft of love, spirituality, and justice, there is only banality and hatred.

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