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Manpreet Kaur Singh



A veteran journalist, Manpreet hosts a weekly radio show in Melbourne. She is also a regular magazine columnist and manages her own web-site.

Big Man Yerranderie:
Sikh-Aussie Pioneer Bud Singh MANPREET KAUR SINGH

There is a humorous account about a time that Bud felt “spurned”, but he avenged the insult to his “stature” quite publicly.

Seeking Peace:
Hemkund and the Valley of Flowers MICHAEL BENANAV

" ... and a sense of contact with something far greater than myself."

He Came, He Saw, He Conquered:
Fauja Singh Down Under MANPREET KAUR SINGH

It was I who had to struggle to keep pace with him ...

A Royal Visit to Australia MANPREET KAUR SINGH

He defies accepted definitions or dictionary descriptions.

Fauja Singh is Coming to Town ...
And I'm Buying Me A New Pair of Runners! MANPREET KAUR SINGH

“If you can perform wonders, young lady, then why can‘t I?”

Punjabi is the Fastest Growing Language in Australia MANPREET KAUR SINGH

Punjabi-Aussies numbering aprrox. 80,000 today, the overall household income of Punjabi households reflects the national average of $1500-$1999 per week.

Sikh-Aussie Awarded Medal of The Order of Australia by MANPREET KAUR SINGH

With a vision for the future, Bawa Singh Jagdev helped establish an umbrella body for Sikhs in Australia, named the Sikh Council of Australia Inc.

Energizer Fauja Singh: He Keeps Going, Going, Going ... by MANPREET KAUR SINGH

"I don't worry about what happens around me. I don't get into arguments, don't get angry and don't get offended. I think simple, eat simple and live simply."

Victoria's Crown by MANPREET KAUR SINGH

Superintendent Bob Hill summed it best when he said: "Constable Amitoj Singh's graduation is a great milestone for Victoria Police".

Pooran Singh Goes Home by MANPREET KAUR SINGH

The ceremony was warm, dignified, emotional, with an unmistakable feeling that we were witnessing something unique, historic. 

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