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A veteran journalist, Manpreet hosts a weekly radio show in Melbourne. She is also a regular magazine columnist and manages her own web-site.

Aussie Anzac Day
Honours Sikh Heroes by Manpreet Kaur Singh

Tejinderpal Singh, like many other Sikhs, wore his great-grandfather's medals as he marched on Anzac Day 2007.

In the Name of the Father by MANPREET KAUR SINGH

Although his father was India's track-and-field legend  -  the Flying Sikh, Milkha Singh  -  there was something about golf that drew him to the game instantly.

Learning the Oorha-Airha by MANPREET KAUR SINGH

"I've been learning Punjabi ever since I was a little girl and now it has helped me secure a place in one of the most prestigious universities of Australia."

The Sound of Music by MANPREET KAUR SINGH

If you want to teach children their language and culture, traditional wisdom says, "Catch ‘em young".  And that is what Sikh-Australians are doing.

Sikh Pioneers of Australia by MANPREET KAUR SINGH

Not many of us know that our Sikh forefathers first came to Australia more than 150 years ago  -  at a time when the dust was yet to settle from the fall of Ranjit Singh's empire.


If you want to begin a conversation about Sikhism with a child and don’t quite know where to start, just go to the cinema and watch Happy Feet. 

Camping with the Wizards of Oz by MANPREET KAUR SINGH

When we decided at the last minute to go the Annual Youth Camp, I wasn't sure what to expect.  

Aussie with a Punjabi Heart by MANPREET KAUR SINGH

A true Punjabi at heart and a ‘fair dinkum’ Aussie in spirit, Manjit Singh Boparai is perhaps the best known taxi driver in all of Australia.

The Punjaban from Down Under by MANPREET KAUR SINGH

Japji Kaur Khaira, the Punjabi beauty from Down Under, is on top of the world – she has been crowned Miss World Punjaban.

A Film about Post 9/11 America By Manpreet Kaur Singh

Although the attack of September 11, 2001 was directed against the twin towers of the World Trade Center, but perhaps the single largest community which suffered the most collateral damage, was the Sikh community of America.

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