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Based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, USA, Sarbpreet is a poet and writer, commentator, playwright and an executive in the technology industry. He is the author of "Kultar's Mime," an epic poem on the 1984 pogroms.

Of Justice & Revenge SARBPREET SINGH

It is almost an anticlimax, when the news anchor declares that the young man has been sentenced to death.

Raag Tilang Greets Us At Harmandar Sahib SARBPREET SINGH

Once again, I find myself descending the marble steps that lead to the most peaceful promenade in the world.

Please Help Stage a Play on 1984:
A Few Bucks From You Will Go a Long Way ... INDIEGOGO

The production team aspires to take the show to Delhi in October 2014 after staging it in various North American cities.

When A Mind Knows No Peace SARBPREET SINGH

Why on earth should we be ashamed? Why should we hide it? For, trying to hide mental illness is insidiously unfair to the sufferer.

The Lion in Winter SARBPREET SINGH

My father is a shell of his former self. Broken in many profound ways.

Kultar’s Mime:
Four Children in the Aftermath of 1984
A Play Coming Soon To Your Neighborhood J. MEHR KAUR & SARBPREET SINGH

Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of 1984 with an immersive theater experience ...

DoubleThink & India's Orwellian Ministry of Truth SARBPREET SINGH

Every nationalist spends part of his time in a fantasy world in which things happen as they should ...

The Doughty Defender of Harmandar Sahib

"Ashes to ashes dust to dust / Their bodies fallen heroes leave / Their souls rise up to meet the Lord ...

The Doughty Defender of Harmandar Sahib

"With folded hands The Warrior prays / Humble he stands in the Guru’s midst / May I be worthy, Lord, he says ..."

The Doughty Defender of Harmandar Sahib

"To shining steel he bows his head / Before it’s on his person borne / A chain of steel around his neck / Shining bracelets upon his wrists ..."

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