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Sarbpreet Singh



Based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, USA, Sarbpreet is a poet and writer, commentator, playwright and an executive in the technology industry. He is the author of "Kultar's Mime," an epic poem on the 1984 pogroms.

Cool Repose in
The Heart of The Inferno SARBPREET SINGH

Perhaps it was his spirit that pervaded the innocent martyrs of 1984 as they faced death with courage and equanimity.

I Bear Witness ... SARBPREET SINGH

They tore my flesh spit out my blood / And yet each time from the dust I rose / My wounds were gone my body whole ...

The Anatomy of A War Crime:
The Indian Army in Amritsar SARBPREET SINGH

"These boys were shot dead right in front of me. Their age was between 18 and 20 years ..."

The Butcher of Beirut and
The Gorgon of Godhra SARBPREET SINGH

"Kings have turned into hungry lions, their henchmen into dogs ..."

In The Land of Intolerance:
30 Years After 1984 SARBPREET SINGH

Freedom of expression and of information will always be the world’s most important freedom.

The Solidarity of a Centenarian:
The Spirit of Fauja Singh at The Boston Marathon SARBPREET SINGH

The Sikh community of Boston will be represented by a flag that Harmandar Singh will carry, signed by the Sikhs of Boston.

Narendra Modi and Godhra A Poem by SARBPREET SINGH

A poem 'dedicated' to the legacy of Shri Narendra Modi, who is poised to lead India into the future ...

Scholar & Musician Mrigendra Singh SARBPREET SINGH

The next several moments are pure joy as he starts playing the tanpura and begins to sing.

Is There a Toba Tek Singh in Oregon, USA? SARBPREET SINGH

The tale of four inmates in a mental institution who came to an alien land, seeking new, better lives.

Coming of Age As a Young Sardar:

I was puzzled. I looked at the young women in particular with great perplexity. Where was the angst?

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