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Manjyot, formerly Laurie Bolger, is a lifelong New Yorker. She is a conservation librarian and an utterly voracious reader.

My Gurmukhi Khajana A Book Review by MANJYOT KAUR

A book meant to introduce youngsters to the Gurmukhi alphabet through the use of Gurmat-based vocabulary.

Sikhs Unlimited A Book Review by MANJYOT KAUR

It's a feel-good book: full of chatty enthusiasm and chardi kalaa; a very enjoyable and satisfying read.

Images of Freedom A book review by MANJYOT KAUR

The calendar art form bears "the fragrance of a lost innocence" from a time when "all religious barriers disappeared before one glorious goal: Freedom".

The Bakhshi Family of Kauntrila A Book Review by MANJYOT KAUR

It makes Sikh history and heritage come convincingly, magnificently alive.

Sikhs in Britain A Book Review by MANJYOT KAUR

The new book visually charts the path by which Sikhs have become an integral part of the social fabric that is multicultural Britain.

"Sikh Formations" -
Charting a New Course by MANJYOT KAUR

The Journal is written in a sophisticated and erudite style, often providing a mind-bending challenge to even the most learned reader.

An Alchemy of The Heart by MANJYOT KAUR

Watching the masterfully-crafted drama play out on the screen, I was conscious of being filled with intense feelings of connection.

What's in a Name? by MANJYOT KAUR (formerly, Laurie Bolger)

Once I had passed the "point of no return" in my journey of becoming a Sikh, I wanted to learn about Sikh names

Red Silk

Six of the anthology's eleven poets, including both its editors, are of Sikh heritage. A Review by LAURIE BOLGER.

A True Bargain by LAURIE BOLGER

During a recent vacation in Toronto, one of the major highlights of my trip was a shopping excursion to "Sacha Sauda"  -  a store specializing in things Sikh.

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