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Jyoti Basu: Sikhs Remember and Honour a Friend by KINSUK BASU, SUBHAJOY ROY & POULOMI BANERJEE

His good deed a quarter of century ago is remembered today by a grateful community.

Spinning Wheel Honours Hew McLeod News Report

Dr. McLeod's wife, Margaret, and their daughter, Ruth Fleury, were present for the dedication of the festival.


He was open to everyone and shared his time with others. He changed the lives of scholars and friends ...

W. Hew McLeod 1932 - 2009
Reflections of The Sikh Studies Community Compiled by TONY BALLANTYNE & JERRY BARRIER

"His life was gentle; and the elements so mix'd in him ... "

Hew McLeod Passes Away:
The End of an Era
in Sikh Scholarship by I.J. SINGH

By his own confession, he was an agnostic. Otherwise, I would happily dub him a sehajdhari!

View the Bio Documentary
on Hew McLeod, Sikh historian FEILDING HERALD

Anyone interested in learning about Sikhism in the English language starts by reading McLeod.

Ram Narayan Kumar:

Sikhs are eternally indebted to him for his monumental work in documenting India's human rights violations.

Arthur Erickson: Acclaimed Architect of Vancouver's Ross Street Gurdwara Dies by CHRISTOPHER HUME

The Khalsa Diwan Society hired the world-renowned architect to design their new gurdwara.

India's Shame:
The Personal Ordeal of Cynthia Mahmood by CYNTHIA K. MAHMOOD

You don't want to read the rest of this story. Not if you want to avoid confronting the utter disgrace of a nation ...

Flora Annie Steel:
Punjab's Story Teller

The stars twinkle overhead, the mosquito sings through the hot air, the village dogs bark at imaginary foes ...

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