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Tagore's Repudiation of British Knighthood After The Jallianwala Massacre ARCHIVES

"The time has come when badges of honour make our shame glaring in the incongruous context of humiliation, and I for my part wish to stand, shorn of all special distinctions ..."

Leader, Mentor, Friend:
Jack Layton by RUPINDER KAUR

Whenever I would meet with him, he greeted me with a “Sat Sri Akal” and his “Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji ki Fateh” was always impeccable and perfect.

Joseph Davey Cunningham: An Honest & Daring Historian by MADAN SINGH

His severe criticism of Lord Hardinge's Punjab policy led to his being removed from his political appointment and sent back to regimental duty.

Norman Gerald Barrier: "He is Indispensable" by Dr. Pashaura Singh

The tragic events of 1984 provided him with a new lens to re-interpret the legacy of the Sikh past in understanding modern Sikhism.

Scholar Extraordinaire by Dr. HIMADRI BANNERJI

If Hew McLeod was the pioneer in the area of textual sources in Sikh Studies, Jerry Barrier was the pioneer on Sikh print-culture.

N. Gerald (Jerry) Barrier: Sikh Scholar & Historian by FRANK F. CONLON

He was a giant in the field of South Asian Studies, especially in history and especially the history of the Sikhs.

The Noble 'Servant' of Peshawar by SHAHEEN BUNERI

Every day Khurshid Khan comes to a gurdwara in Peshawar and sits in the doorway to shine the shoes of the Sikh worshippers.

The Truth About Balraj Sahni by SANGAT SINGH

He tells us about his love for Gurbani and Sikhi in his article, "Nimani Jahee Shardanjali".

Tagore & Sikhism by SARAN SINGH

Sikhi's appeal for Tagore was rooted in his childhood memories of the radiance and cadence of gurbani kirtan ...

The Swami's Guru THE SIKH REVIEW

This is the land - Punjab - which is held to be the highest in the whole of Aryavarta - the Brahmavarta of which Manu speaks!

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