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Do We Need a Maryada?
Basics - The Writings of Bhai Ardaman Singh of Bagrian Bhai ARDAMAN SINGH

There is no special spiritual sanctity attached to maryada in Sikhism.

Democracy - Joint Leadership, Joint Responsibility:
Basics - The Writings of Bhai Ardaman Singh of Bagrian Bhai ARDAMAN SINGH

A deep and sound foundation ...

Language & Literacy:
Basics - The Writings of Bhai Ardaman Singh of Bagrian Bhai ARDAMAN SINGH

Guru Nanak repudiated any claim of sanctity of any language.

Inter-Faith Visitor Learns Gurdwara Protocol by ANGELA DOLLAR

Mere steps from the chaotic streets of Delhi, the ritual of washing my feet upon entering brought an immediate feeling of peace and tranquility as I stepped inside.

Rakhi, Rakhri or Raksha Bandhan: Yet Another Hindu Ritual That Sikhi Abhors by GURCHIT SINGH

The words, “brother’s lifelong vow to protect her”, brought forth an image of a frail young woman constantly relying on her male sibling for protection from life's perils.

The Roots of Sikhism by I.J. SINGH

Sikhism has endured because of its distinct theology, its proven ability to fight for survival and its distinct symbols. Though under constant assault, it may even be at the threshold of a renaissance ...

The Sikh Turban by GURMUKH SINGH (U.K.)

As far as the Sikhs are concerned, all other arguments based on culture and tradition are of secondary importance. All that matters is the Guru's injunction.

English-Punjabi Dictionary Now Online by PARVESH SHARMA

The new dictionary will cater to the linguistic needs of Punjabis around the world, in addition to facilitating a better understanding of the Punjabi language.

The Tourneys of Hola Mahalla by S.S. VANJARA BEDI

Guru Gobind Singh initiated this festival and tradition as an occasion for the Sikhs to demonstrate their martial arts.

Langar, The Sikh Refectory
Part Three
Sangat and Pangat by PARKASH SINGH

Sangat (association) is the getting together of noble and good people. Pangat (row) stands for people sitting and eating together in the same row in guru-ka-langar.

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