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Langar, The Sikh Refectory
Part Two
The Temple of Bread by PARKASH SINGH

The Gurus showed in actual life how the precept  of the "Brotherhood of Man" was to be lived out; and the free kitchen is perhaps the best demonstration of this.

Langar, The Sikh Refectory
Part One
The Concept of Service by PARKASH SINGH

Service to others should not be confined to fixed forms of sectarian charity, but is to be freely varied according to the needs of those to whom it is rendered.

Punjab, Punjabi, Punjabiyat by Prof. PRITAM SINGH

Punjabiyat appears to be one, undivided unity; its fissures are only superficial and the strength of its unified base is beyond any doubt.

Anand Karaj
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 31, October 12 - 19 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH TANEJA

"They are not husband and wife who merely sit together. They alone are called husband and wife who have one light in two bodies."

Guru Angad: The Epitome of Obedience by INDERPREET SINGH

Today, the 4th day of the month of Assu (September 18), we celebrate the gurgaddi divas [The Coronation Day] of the Second Master.

Dastaar Bandhi: The Why & The Wherefore by I.J. SINGH

It is not a mere cultural eccentricity but the cornerstone of a Sikh's existence, essential to the very definition of self.

Marriage in Sikhism: Part II - Anand Kaaraj by MANJIT SINGH

"They are not to be called husband and wife who merely live together; rather, they are husband and wife who have one spirit in two bodies."

Marriage in Sikhism: Part I - Background by MANJIT SINGH

According to Sikh tenets, man and woman are the two wheels of the chariot of life: both have an equal role in making the chariot run smoothly.

The Right Tools by INNI KAUR

Let me introduce you to two wonderful DVDs whose main aim is to educate young people about Sikhs.

The Story of Gurmukhi by HARDEV BAHRI

Sikhs have settled in all parts of the world and Gurmukhi has accompanied them everywhere.

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