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Hansjeet Singh Duggal:
He Brings Virtual Reality Alive

"Virtual Reality is like a machine that generates empathy because you are able to experience a story from someone else's eyes ..."

Super-Cop Sartaj Singh is Netflix’ New International Star in “Sacred Games” MIKE HALE, The New York Times

The hapless honest cop whose integrity has cost him promotions, the respect of his crooked colleagues and the devotion of his wife.

Ondaatje’s “The English Patient” Starring Kirpal ‘Kip’ Singh as WWII Sapper Wins Booker Prize as its “Greatest Ever" Novel CANADIAN PRESS

A plot tinged with mystery and compelling characters, including a Canadian nurse and a Sikh bomb-disposal expert …

More Than Just a Dance DIAMOND BRIDGES

“Dancing bhangra is very joyful overall; if you’re in a bad mood, it lifts your spirits …”

The Silence of The Brains:
Hindutva’s Onslaught on ’Nanak Shah Fakir’ MICHAEL SINGH

Hindu India has banned the showing of a 2015 bio-pic on Guru Nanak.

Sikh Programs at Chapman University’s Film School MANSI MOTWANI

“It’s been a fun journey and through this journey a lot of doors have been opened …”

We Laugh At Russian Propaganda.
But America’s Hollywood Is Just As Fake SIMON JENKINS

Our knowledge of the world is being corroded by an entertainment industry that has lost its connection with truth.

Sikhs In The US Army:
Harjus Singh’s New Documentary Film
‘Defense Directive’ MANSI MOTWANI

Documenting the journey leading up to the US Army’s policy change.

Lighting The Spark For Sikh Filmmaking:
California’s ‘SikhLens: Sikh Arts and Film Festival’ MANSI MOTWANI

Fifteen Years of inspiring and supporting aspiring filmmakers.

New NBC TV Legal Drama To Feature Sikh-American Female Lead NELLIE ANDREEVA

Centers on Amrita Kaur, a Sikh law student at a renegade student-run law firm who takes on country’s biggest issues and institutions, giving voice to the voiceless.

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