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We Now Have Our Own Inhouse Recording Studio!







It is with eternal gratitude of Waheguru that I have the pleasure to announce that we now have a fully equipped, inhouse music studio at home. This means that we can henceforth record shabads as required without looking for a studio or even an accompanist.

Due to the generosity of a Waheguru-sent sponsor this has been made possible. Our sound engineer purchased all the equipment and this weekend set it up in our humble abode - Pondok Sahib.

After Ardaas, we recorded our first shabad. It was specifically requested by our sponsor to be sung in the traditional style.

I was concerned that without a good sound engineer, we would be stranded but my oldest daughter Jamel and her little feller, Saffal (12 years old) have shown a natural knack to operate the system.

It will take some time before we (family) are fully conversant with the equipment but another of our dreams has finally come true -- to be able to record at home!

Much as I value their part to no end, I can now do recordings even when no additional musicians are available. In this instance, for example, our sound engineer was able to add the guitar which he plays with me.

Mai banda“ was done as a trial run by my sound engineer but 'simran kar lai' was produced entirely by our daughter Jamel.

So, now we have the means to do our own inhouse recordings at will and short notice.

I am most excited!

August 18, 2015

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1: Aryeh Leib Lerner (Israel), August 18, 2015, 12:37 PM.

Congratulations! I've had a home studio for several years now (I do voice work, i.e., commercials, narrations, suchlike), and it makes a huge difference as to convenience. Have a good, patient sound technician on call, and you'll get the hang of it in no time; no need to tell you that repetition is the key to learning technique. You are gonna love this.

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