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Singapore is spreading more turban love by releasing a dedicated iPhone and iPad App for free to celebrate World Turban Day on Vaisakhi, April 13, 2011. and creator Ash Singh, has an ambitious goal of "Turbanizing" over 10 Million people all over the world this year through the new App.

The App can be downloaded from or simply search "Turbanizer" in the AppStore.

Once installed, the Turbanizer App allows you to try on over 50 different style turbans from photos taken from your camera or from Facebook. Once you have turbanized your photo, you can share it via email, Twitter or Facebook.

"Surprisingly, there are a lot of people that wonder what they look like in a turban" said Ash Singh in a recent interview. "For non-turban wearers, visualizing yourself in a turban is a way to help break the stigma associated with it - you might be surprised to find that you look better with one."

After 9/11, many Sikhs were targeted due to their similiar appearence to the Taliban/Islamic terrorists in the news. Ash decided to promote the turban in a fun and interesting way and has since reached out to millions of people all over the world to educate them about turbans.

When asked what his personal goal is behind the Turbanizer, Mr Singh responded, "I hope that the turban can become a mainstream fashionwear. I have an 8-month old son - I hope when he gets old enough to wear a turban, it's considered cool and not associated with terrorism."

"Its great to see some of the big fashion labels like Prada starting to sell turbans. Let's keep the momentum going." he added.

To download App please visit    <>


April 10, 2011

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1: V.S. Mann (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), April 11, 2011, 9:07 PM.

Educating the general public about the Sikh Dastaar is wonderful, but not at the expense of trivializing our turbans and what they represent. Let's not forget that Guru Gobind SIngh blessed us with the "nishaans" to be worn and treated with respect and dignity and "" does little to teach, but rather seems to make light of something that is to be cherished and what many people have given their lives for. Let's keep that in mind.

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