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Unemployed Politician Imports Trump’s Inanities Into Canada:
Bobby Jindal Tried It Once …
And Self-Destructed





Former prime minister Stephen Harper dabbled with its tactics in the last Canadian federal election by pandering to the baser views of the so-called ‘angry white male’. And lived to see himself and his party self-destruct as a result.

It comes as a surprise, however, that the next piper to try charming this cobra is Ujjal Dosanjh.

The former premier of British Columbia, protector of gay rights, health care, and multiculturalism, recently wrote a lengthy blog post bemoaning political correctness as having gagged white men from saying what they really think. White men who have framed Canada's political narrative since Confederation, have apparently become excluded from it, somehow finding themselves now at the back of the bus.

Overnight, Dosanjh has become Canada’s Bobby Jindal, the new champion of the far right, quite an act of re-invention for a man who started out on the far left of the political spectrum.

Not surprisingly, Dosanjh's call found hearty praise from the closeted hordes who took to the comments sections of various online newspaper forums.

The white male commenters vented their frustrations at ‘Multicultism’, immigrants, Muslims, Syrian refugees, and basically anyone who didn’t fit in with the world as seen by ‘old stock’ Canadians. Their antidotes to Canada’s woes were predictable: curtail immigration, seal the border to everyone except Europeans, and renew Judeo Christian liturgical practices.

These were the white men Dosanjh had referenced in his post as having ‘been shamed into submission’ by political correctness. Now they were venting furiously about how their lifetime membership to the exclusive club of white privilege had apparently eroded in value.

While Dosanjh’s intention may have been to stir dialogue on Canadian identity and culture, his approach is fundamentally divisive. He is pandering to one group’s fanciful list of grievances. His apocalyptic vision of white men being overrun by political correctness is built on a number of glaring fallacies.

The first is the most obvious: The white man is not disenfranchised.

To be voiceless is to be a First Nation’s child growing up in a broken home on an isolated reserve without running water. The opposite, more likely than not, is to be a white man.

At Apple, for example, the world’s largest company, white men hold over 70 per cent of senior management positions When compared to other companies and across industry, this is not an anomaly. When noteworthy decisions are made in Canada, on any number of issues from monetary policy to environmental regulation to First Nations relations, and so forth, they are made by government officials, the majority of whom tend to be white.

These wider decisions indelibly impact our sense of national culture and identity which Dosanjh claims excludes input from white men.

Dosanjh’s pitch for amplifying the voices of the privileged is like advocating another tax cut for the one-percent.

The second flaw in Dosanjh’s arguments is that white men disproportionately suffer from political correctness (“PC“), its tight ribbing suffocating only them from speaking on many issues.

What he fails to note is that this same corset of censorship applies equally to everyone, regardless of race and ironically, it just as often benefits white men as it ‘harnesses’ them.

Contrary to Dosanjh’s claim of white men being passive victims of the PC police, they are just as likely to be PC enforcers when it serves their vested interests.

A perfect case in point is the stagnant discussion around Vancouver’s skyrocketing property prices, which Dosanjh alludes to his post. When University of British Columbia professor Andy Yan (yes, he is Chinese) published his study on property prices in Vancouver and found that 70 per cent of sales in 2014 of detached homes over $3-million in Vancouver went to Chinese buyers, the response from leading (white) politicians, developers, and decision makers was that the study was invoking racism.

Mayor Gregor Robertson wasn’t grateful that finally there was real data on the house market. Instead he resorted to political correctness to obfuscate the issue:  “This can’t be about race, it can’t be about dividing people,” said the mayor. “It needs to get to the core issue about addressing affordability and making sure it’s fair.”

The housing issue in Vancouver is about money being earned offshore which has in turn created unfair market conditions for people who live, work and earn in the Lower Mainland. Empty houses and unattainable prices do not a city make – and that affects everyone regardless of your colour.

It’s a class issue, full stop. Political correctness is a convenient scapegoat here.

The most flagrant shortcoming in ‎Dosanjh’s arguments is that he wants new Canadians to embrace a common set of national values and a national identity but yet he insists on first dividing us into our separate races, hence his rallying call to the so-called ‘white man‘.

Dosanjh’s view of Canadians as being different coloured lego blocks is regressive and a time warp into the colonial era of the past century. The idea of defining your identity by the quantity of melanin in your skin is as knuckle-scraping as the denial of climate change.

As Canadians, we all have a stake in issues such the choice of language for strata council meetings, the fine balance between accepting refugees and security, and immigration strategy. But an honest discussion of these issues is a colourless discussion.

By dividing us into camps of white, yellow, red, brown, and black so that we all are ‘represented’ at the table means we will always be stuck in these very silos that Dosanjh claims to loathe. This country is moving forward from the past century and we are finally getting beyond race as attested by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet postings. It is misguided for Dosanjh to re-invoke a racial paradigm and think it is a step in the right direction.

Justin Trudeau commented in a recent ‘New York Times Magazine’ interview that Canada is a post-national state without a core identity and a mainstream. This includes the privilege of not being trapped in your skin – it is one of the best parts of being a Canadian, regardless if you are white, brown, or even tangerine coloured like Donald Trump.

This is what it means to be post-national and why most Canadians choose this course.

Fifteen years ago Ujjal Dosanjh was a politician who as an immigrant rose up to become premier of British Columbia. It was historic because he was a visible minority.

Today, however, it is more impressive that Ujjal Dosanjh is no longer identified as a brown politician by the majority of the population, but rather as just another politician.

But he still is a politician at heart, having re-invented himself from an NDP multiculturalism minister to a Liberal cabinet minister and now to the champion of the far right.

Having adorned so many party colours, it is predictable, though tragic, that Dosanjh is fanning the dying racial embers of this country to win over a new audience.

The author is Executive Editor of the South Asian Post, the Filipino Post and the Asian Pacific Post.

[A version of this piece appeared in The Globe and Mail. Edited for]
January 22, 2016

Conversation about this article

1: Gurinder Kaur (San Francisco, California, USA), January 22, 2016, 10:53 AM.

Pity that this silly man, Ujjal Dosanjh, got beaten up a few times (literally) by some of the victims of his wild-eyed declarations. Because no one deserves to be beaten up, period; violence is never the answer. Moreover, martyrdom merely gave him a soap-box and he ended up benefiting from the thrashings. Left on his own, he'll self-destruct for sure.

2: Sarvjit Singh (Millis, Massachusetts, USA), January 22, 2016, 11:00 AM.

He sounds like America's Bobby Jindal, except that he used to be Liberal. But only when convenient. Actually that, AFTER having been, first, a Communist, then an NDP-er! Liberal, 'multi-culti', 'white' PM Justin Trudeau won the election in a White Majority Canada by huge margins -- having been voted in, largely, by the 'white' vote. Why? 'Silent Majority' is a phrase invented by the Republicans few years ago and much bandied about when Obama became President. Because until recently minorities were effectively disenfranchised and needed to find their due. This is all about politics, whichever way you want to play on people's sentiments, however you like. End of the day, Western Civilization, which we are part of, will prevail and succeed as long as liberty, equality and innovation rule, and tyranny of thought / action is kept in check and the co-existence of cultures, even under the English language, is nurtured. May God bless Canada and USA!

3: GC Singh (USA), January 22, 2016, 1:00 PM.

The darling martyr of the Indian and Canadian media outlets and the ultimate opportunist, Ujjal Dosanjh, who knows the art of hop, step and jump from party to party is now trying to re-brand himself as messiah of the right wing, low-information, angry internet trolls in the hope of rehabilitating his political career. But long, long before all of this, as a communist, this man was literally the spokesman and an outpost of the Indian Government's propaganda machinery against Sikhs who were merely demanding freedom and justice. In fact his shameful and traitorous role makes him complicit in the genocide of countless Sikhs in Punjab. Not once has he taken a stand against Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi or Indian agencies and security forces who were conducting the massacre of tens of thousands of innocent Sikhs. No wonder he is still wined and dined and given VIP treatment when he visits India for all the services he has rendered to his masters.

4: Raj (Canada), January 27, 2016, 6:21 PM.

He's just an stray dog looking for a new master, irrespective of the latter's position on the political spectrum. He will wag his tail after whoever throws him a treat.

5: Dr. Birinder Singh Ahluwalia (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), January 29, 2016, 10:49 AM.

I must declare at the outset that I know Mr. Dosanjh and have in the past supported his political campaign as a Liberal party candidate. To date Mr. Dosanjh has dabbled in Communism, been an NDP'er, has campaigned and been elected as a Liberal party candidate. Currently, since the Conservative party leadership race is in the offing, maybe this is an effort by Mr. Dosanjh to now run under the banner of the Conservative party. It will certainly complete his life-cycle with a rich cornucopia of shifting affiliations.

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Bobby Jindal Tried It Once …
And Self-Destructed"

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