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Homegrown Mangoes




The other day, Dugri (Punjab) resident Herinder Kaur decided to pay the Chhatwals, who live in Moti Nagar, a visit.

But it wasn't one of the regular trips.

The meeting had a sweet purpose behind it - the Chhatwals' homegrown mangoes, which Herinder claims leave the market varieties behind.

The juicy fruit is the result of herculean efforts put in by retired armyman Gurbachan Singh Chhatwal, 85, and his wife Satwant Kaur, 80. They believe the reason of their healthy life at this juncture when many couples lose hope is their involvement with nature, living to see their saplings grow and fruit.

Gurbachan Singh says, ''Neither do I use artificial products to enhance the growth of trees planted at my home nor have I hired any gardener for their upkeep and care.''

Their neighbours believe that though the fruit is small in size, its aroma, flavour and juiciness is all due to Gurbachan Singh and his wife's love and care for the plants.

It's been more than 10 years since the trees have formed part of the couple's life. Though the space of plantation is not large, their passion for gardening is immense.

Satwant Kaur says, ''We prefer to have our homegrown fruits because we are sure about their purity. Who knows what kind of colours and adulterous substances are used to produce and colour the market fruits.''


July 6, 2011


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