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From time to time, we welcome columnists from other publications to join us and bring to our readers their stories, ideas, opinions and reflections.

What's Your Handicap? by KAVI RAJ SINGH

The story of a young man who has turned his limitations into strengths.

Mixed Feelings by KIRAN KAUR

An angry Sikh-American teenager asks: why does India mimic America?

A Personal Q & A by JASKEERAT KAUR

A twelve-year-old grapples with some timeless questions.


You go, Sikh women! The Guru is walking alongside you on the fairway of equality.

The Sikhs? Who Are They? by TONY CARSON

Here's my point: when you aren't given any positive images of a culture, you naturally absorb the negative.

Magication by PARMJIT SINGH

Recently, I introduced our three-year old daughter to the idea of sitting silently for few moments.

Letter from Beijing by PARAMJIT KAUR RAI

The memories and relationships that the kids have gives truth to my mother's saying that "all that is left of someone is their stories." 

"Do I Have a Bias?" by DAVID BOGNER

Strangely, the idea of this tall, bearded Sikh having a kirpan on the flight really didn't bother me.

Noblemen & Kinsmen A Book Review by ROOPINDER SINGH

Documenting 300-plus years of history of the Sandhawalia Sardars proved to be a daunting task, because the canvas is a wide one.

Father of Fiber Optics by ROOPINDER SINGH

"The thing that I find very exciting is that the more we do and achieve, the more opportunities there are for innovation. There is a lot more ahead," predicts Narinder Singh Kapany, now 80.

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