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T. Sher Singh



Exhausted by 20 years as a litigation lawyer in Canada, Sher has now moved on to full-time writing  -  and being a bit of a grump in mid-life.

The Anvil:
Sidak Returns This Summer

SIDAK is being held this year for two-weeks between July 27 and August 9 in Mission, British Columbia, Canada.

The Anniversary Compulsion:
A Modest Proposal

My siblings and I bristled at the rule but quickly learnt to give in.

The Anniversary Compulsion:
A Modest Proposal T. SHER SINGH

Once you are an adult, surely there’s got to be more we get out of these anniversaries than a party or a parade.

Translation T. SHER SINGH

Blame it on migration and immigration, a world shrunk by mass and instant communication, free cross-border mobility ...

Narendra Modi Dons a Burqa T. SHER SINGH

The world doesn’t love you, nor is it enamoured by you, fellas. It does love your new-found money, though.

There Are More Things in Heaven and Earth T. SHER SINGH

After the class, we made a beeline to the library and found the book and quickly read it from cover to cover.

Is It Halloween Already? T. SHER SINGH

A dashing, handsome young man, he truly is. Smashing. Groovy. Cool. Far Out. Neat. Nifty. Hip …

Wait and See T. SHER SINGH

Relaxed and comfortable, never complacent, but ever alert … and ever ready to spring into action.

The Ambassador T. SHER SINGH

Nothing captures India better. Nothing describes it more succinctly. Nothing reveals it more honestly.

True Colours:
The Modi - BJP Leopard T. SHER SINGH

He’s daubed his forehead with a pound of sandalwood paste, and he’s liberally smeared vermillion over it.

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