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Having served as an Indian Police Service (IPS) and Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer in India before emigrating to Switzerland in 1984, Jogishwar is a Managing Director in the world renowned Edmond de Rothschild Group, Geneva. Author of "Banks, Gods and Government" and "Musings of a Swiss Sikh: Essays on Sikh History".

The Turban & My Sartorial Adventures JOGISHWAR SINGH

I silently thanked Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, et al, who launched the women’s lib movement!


The roads were better than those in Europe ... the city's infrastructure was state of the art..

No More Bad Hair Days:
A Sikh at the Hairdressers JOGISHWAR SINGH

I felt again like a little boy, sitting down to have his hair combed and braided.

The Sarbat Khalsa:
Landsgemeinde of The Sikhs? Part II by Dr JOGISHWAR SINGH

The Sikh experiment in monarchy did not last long because, among other reasons, there was no respect in the Sikh psyche for the monarchical ideal and no tradition of obedience to it.

Sarbat Khalsa and The Swiss Landsgemeinde, Part I by Dr JOGISHWAR SINGH

Delving into the Landsgemeinde, I realised how much the traditional Sikh system of the “Sarbat Khalsa” resembled its workings.

A Pilgrimage To Chillianwala by JOGISHWAR SINGH

The red stone pillar inside the compound has inscriptions in English, Gurmukhi, Farsi and Urdu, mentioning that a major battle was fought here on 12 January, 1849 in which brave soldiers of both sides were killed.

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