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Ravinder Singh Taneja



Ravinder currently lives in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. and has an abiding interest in expressing Gurbani in the English idiom. He is the Founder and Convenor of our weekly Talking Stick Colloquium.

Journey With The Gurus
Volume Two A Book Review by RAVINDER SINGH

By “re-telling” these saakhis in simple, “child-friendly” language - English, in this case -  and by presenting them in contemporary idiom, Inni Kaur brings to life the miracle that Guru Nanak was.

Liberation In Life:
The Siddh Gosht - Part V
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 81 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH

The Sikh ideal is that of a jeevan mukt or one who is liberated while alive - in contrast to the traditional view that mukti is attainable only in death.

The Art Of Dialogue:
Siddh Gosht - Part IV
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 80 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH

How was Guru Nanak able to engage the simple labourer and the wealthy trader, the pauper and the Emperor, the highly sophisticated orthodoxy and the yogic practitioner?

Stop, Look and See
The Talking Stick Collloquium # 76 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH

It is also called “out of the box” thinking, implying that our habits and conditioning harden the patterns of what we see.

The Sikh Daily Liturgy
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 75 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH

Nitnem weaves the sacred into the fabric of daily life and serves as a reminder that we live on dual planes simultaneously - the sacred and the profane, the secular and the spiritual.

Furrow Thy Mind
A Garden Will Rise by JASWANT SINGH NEKI. Translated from Punjabi by RAVINDER SINGH

In time, he was able to read and write Gurmukhi. When he first inscribed his name, his joy knew no bounds. He broke into a dance, exclaiming, “Today, Swarna has become Swaran Singh!”

Man and Superman: The Talking Stick Colloquium # 74 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH

The idea that runs through Guru Nanak's salok is one of self-transcendence, of exceeding oneself, made possible only through the transformative presence of the Guru.

The Dance of Life:
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 73 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH

Says a verse in gurbani: The world is a stage, the sky a giant canopy, sun and moon the arc lights. The mind, besotted with maya, dances to the tune that the body makes (with its senses).

All In The Family:
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 72 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH

Guru Arjan refers to family relationships - their structure and interactions - as they existed then, and to a large measure still exist in the joint-family system.

The Incomparable Guru Gobind Singh by RAVINDER SINGH

He appears as a King riding his blue charger, a royal plume adorning his turban, a sword on his side and a hawk perched on one hand - all symbols of sovereignty that he gave his Sikhs credit for.

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