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Gau Gundagiri
And The Closing Of The Hindu Mind:
India's Cow Hooliganism RAMACHANDRA GUHA, The Hindustan Times

Leadership of the Hindu community has passed into the hands of bigots and reactionaries.

The Legacy Of India’s
Lord Haw Haw,
A Quisling Who Lived By The Goebbelsian Lie:
Mass Murderer KPS Gill T. SHER SINGH

India’s infamous mass murderer  …

Toronto, Canada Named Host Of The 7th Parliament Of The World's Religions, 2018 NEWS REPORT

More than 10,000 people will participate …

Is India Lying About Its Economy?
Its Claims May Be A Total Scam DEREK SCISSORS, Barrons

“You should not believe it …”

Juggernaut Enters Canada’s Federal Political Arena? MARTIN REGG COHN

"His rivals dare not underestimate Jagmeet Singh."

Jagmeet Singh Poised To Announce Bid For Canada’s New Democratic Party Leadership MIKE CRAWLEY & JENNIFER CHOI, CBC News

"Toronto-born, Newfoundland-reared, Windsor-educated, bilingual, multicultural, youthful."

Narendra Modi’s Supporters Dabble In Nazi Eugenics:
Anxious To Improve Hindu Gene Pool ANNIE GOWEN, The Washington Post

A Hindu extremist organization claims it’s working to produce “customized” babies who are taller, fairer and smarter than present-day Hindus.

Modi‘s ‘Make in India’
A Complete Flop:
It’s Attracted a Total of Rs 61,000 Foreign Investment in The Defence Sector AMITABH DUBEY, The Hindustan Times

Southeast Asia is eating India’s lunch.

Slavery Thrives In India Today,
With 46 Million Victims AUSTIN CHOI-FITZPATRICK, The Guardian

It involves finding, breaking and controlling fellow human beings.

With India’s 1984 Mass Murderers Still Free,
Hindu Vegetarian Terrorists Go On The Rampage NILANJANA ROY, Financial Times

Murder and mayhem is the new norm.

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