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Songs of My Beloved by S.J. KAUR

Each night, my 2-yr old daughter and I cuddle up together, small hands in big. It's time for nini-paatth ...

Here and Now by I.J. SINGH

The command in Guru Granth to 'meditate' asks me to center the mind. This is crucial to a meaningful life ...

Standing Logic On Its Head by I.J. SINGH & MANJYOT KAUR

Simplistic comparisons are easily propounded, but almost always remain of minimal value.

Manhattan's Young TUrban Professionals by SAMUEL G. FREEDMAN

What caught his eye was that the other members of the sangat were like him - the BlackBerry crowd. 

Converts to Sikhi:
The Challenges They Face by AMRIT KAUR

Many feel a lack of community - isolated and alone. From the community they've left and the community they've joined.

Sikhi's Green Philosophy:
Pavan-Guru Paani-Pita Maata-Dharat by JASMEET KAUR SIDHU

As a Sikh-Canadian, I loved the idea of enaging members of my faith into the climate change discussion.

Dawn to Dusk:
A Day in the Life of a Granthi by MERVYN DYKES

For Giani Sarindar Singh and Giani Manjeet Singh, the days can be long because the gurdwara never closes. 

Daya - Compassion:
One is Made of Many by T. BYRAM KARASU

Without any hesitation, the elderly Sikh gave him fifteen rupees.

The Joy of Less by PICO IYER

There was always some higher position I could attain ... which meant I was guaranteed never to arrive and always to remain dissatisfied.

In Sikhi, Superstitions Will Get You Nowhere by HARJINDER SINGH

Sadly, many are sliding back into the very same superstitions and rituals which were expressly rejected by the Gurus. 

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