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Second To Second …
Heart-beat To Heart-beat






A year is strong but the 31,536,000 seconds that it encapsulates are stronger.

One second is the time needed for a healthy heart to beat and for a weak one to stop.

One second is the time for two strangers' gazes to align, for hearts to skip beats and for love to blossom.

Equally, it takes one second for the madness that is anger to create hate and destroy life-long bonds.

One second is the time it takes for light to eradicate darkness, for an idea to instigate innovation, for spiritual enlightenment to suddenly and serenely enrapture the soul.

But, a second is more than just the time duration that it takes to transition from love to hate, light to dark, or life to death.

One second is the peace between that period of change from love to hate in which one is neither completely loving nor completely hating.

It is the stillness between that period of change from life to death in which one is neither fully dead nor fully alive. That second is the sole entity that links two polar opposite states together.

It is the tranquility within a transitionary period of change from one state to another that can not be defined - only experienced.

Perhaps, life is not about the yin or the yang, the good or the bad, but rather about the line at which both mesh; the second during which each loses its respective definitive properties to unite and become something much more tremendously powerful than either of them individually or combined. 

Like the line between the yin and yang, a second creates unity in the midst of duality and wholeness and stability in the midst of juxtaposed opposition.

Such is the power of a mere second. And I hope that in 2018, that I learn to recognize and cherish and appreciate the presence and sheer power of it.

Happy New Second to one and all! 

After all, it is the only increment we measure and countdown together with great fervor that transitions the end of one year and the beginning of another.

January 2, 2018

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Heart-beat To Heart-beat"

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