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Inspired by recent and tragic events in the United States of America and the kathaa of Giani Sant Singh Maskeen: “Punj Tat“.

America's land bears a bountiful harvest that nourishes her people. And within the foods that she bears are the formative and essential nutrients that create not only the egg and the sperm, but also the blood and the cord that nourishes the fruit of their union.

Her soil is the biological and genetic fabric of her people - the color of their eyes, the shapes of their noses, the strength of their hearts, the intellect of their brains, and yes, even the color of their skin.

The very substance of her people's physical makeup can be distilled from her soil - soil that is absolutely free.  It is not surprising then that her people also identify themselves as free.

It is the land of the free.

America's heart lies in her people. The blood that rushes through her people's veins is her pulse. It pulsates with great vigor and tenacity and beats not only to the rhythm of life, but also to the rhythm of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

But when the rhythm of life is suffocated with ropes of anger, or shackled with cuffs of hatred, or eradicated with bullets of indignation, then freedom ceases to exist.  Bodies fall forcefully to the ground, victims of gravity. The land bears the weight of the impact; her color is now that of the shiny hue of a bruise - black and blue.

The colors matter.

America is bruised. Underneath, she is bleeding.

But America's land is forgiving. She will open her arms and wholly take back her lifeless young who she once sustained. America is strong, for even a mother will not take back the corpse of her own son. She will infuse her dead child with the freedom of the wind and the purity of her water and transform him into the very original distilling elements and nutrients that once gave him life. Once a target of hate, the decomposing body resurrects and now is the source of life.

What humility our land holds! Even her taking back becomes a medium to give once again!

She is ever hopeful that one day she will bear the fruit of the beats of life and freedom and happiness that will ring into every ear from sea to shining sea.

With this hope in mind, however distant, she continues forgiving and giving and forgiving and giving ... 

"For it is only in this, my people," she whispers, soothingly, "that you will find the roots of love."

July 15, 2016

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1: Ajit Singh Batra (Pennsville, New Jersey, USA), July 15, 2016, 7:05 PM.

Victory or defeat does not apply or matter to the United States of America. Its constitution is based on 'philosophy of love' leading to freedom of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Love is such a dominant element that no action or reaction in any sphere is struck in hate and anger.

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