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In plans frighteningly reminiscent of the Galiara or "beautification" plan around the Durbar Sahib in Amritsar that wiped out all the bungas, birthplaces of the Gurus and ancient buildings in Amritsar, a similar plan is being implemented right now around Hazur Sahib, Nanded.
These scandalous plans are being implemented by the Gurdwara and State Boards in preparation for the 2008 commemoration of the 1608 Investiture of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Therefore, a major event is being planned in the town of Nanded when hundreds of thousands of pilgrims are expected to attend.

The result though is the steady demolition, destruction and vulgarisation of the unique Sikh heritage of the region. The Galiara plan in Hazur Sahib will bulldoze a number of important heritage sites and bury under concrete the sacred space where the Tenth Guru once lived, meditated, wrote, ministered and passed away. 

Behind this deplorable scheme is the Gurdwara Board which is intent on cashing-in on the celebrations by constructing massive, austere pilgrim hostels at the expense of sensitive and ancient heritage. is coordinating a campaign to lobby the authorities to stop this destruction. We are requesting that all readers assist us by following the steps listed below.


Please send your views as directed on messages will be forwarded to the Prime Minister of India, The Planning Commission, and key decsion-makers such as Dr Pasricha and Shri Mopalwar.

Please do call and email/SMS the following individuals. At all times please keep communications polite and to the point, but express your deep concerns about the loss of these heritage-sites. Explain that visitors to Hazur Sahib from throughout the diaspora want to have these buildings conserved, not replaced or destroyed. Urge them to adopt the conservation plans that have been laid out by conservation professionals.

1   Dr. Parvinder Singh Pasricha - the Chairman of the Prashasak ("logistics/arrangements") Committee for the 2008 Commemoration and also a Director-General of Police in Maharashtra . Please call/SMS Dr Pasricha and make your concerns known to him. His mobile number is +91 9820186050

2   Shri Radheshyam Mopalwar who is the Collector at Nanded. Please email Shri Mopalwarand express your concerns.


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1: Ameet Singh (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.), July 27, 2007, 2:55 PM.

I live 280 km away from Nanded Sahib in Hyderabad. The ongoing demolition our historical buildings should be stopped, because we are slowly but steadily thus wiping away our history ... something we are obliged to preserve for our future generations.

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