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One By One,
India’s BJP/RSS Regime Is Setting 1984 Mass-Murderers Free





New Delhi, India

Delhi High Court today (Wednesday, May 27, 2015) granted interim bail of 60 days to Captain Bhagmal, a Indian naval officer, one of the three convicts serving life term in a 1984 anti-Sikh pogroms case, on medical grounds.

A bench of justices Sanjiv Khanna and Ashutosh Kumar said Bhagmal will remain on bail for 60 days from the date of his release and listed the matter for further hearing on July 1, 2015.

It also extended the interim relief by 30 days to convict Balwan Khokhar on the same ground.

The court, however, asked Bhagmal to furnish a bail bond of Rs. 50,000 (that is, less than US $1000) with one surety of the like amount.

It further directed retired naval officer Bhagmal not to leave India without prior intimation to the court.

On April 15, 2015, the court had called for a medical report on Balwan Khokhar after it was informed that the convict broke his hand after a fall in the jail.

The court had on that day refused to grant bail to co-convict Girdhari Lal.

The trio and two others were held guilty in a case relating to the murder of five members of a Sikh family in Raj Nagar area of Delhi Cantonment on November 1, 1984, a day after the assassination of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her own security guards. The latter had no nexus with the murdered victims.

The convicts now being released had also challenged their conviction and award of life sentence by the trial court in May 2013, though their appeals had then been rejected.

The trial court had acquitted Congress leader Sajjan Kumar in the case but awarded life term to Bhagmal, Khokhar and Girdhari Lal.

The court had also awarded three years jail term to two others - former MLA Mahender Yadav and Kishan Khokhar.

The high court had in September 2013 denied bail to Bhagmal.

The convicts have filed their appeals before the High Court while the country’s Central Bureau of Investigation (“CBI”) has also filed an appeal demanding death sentence for the trio, saying they were engaged in "a planned communal" genocide and "religious cleansing".

The convicted mass-murderers now being pre-maturely and illegally released under the aegis of the new Modi government constitute only the handful who were ever convicted amongst the thousands in the Hindu mobs who were involved and identified in the genocide but to date remain uncharged and free.

[Courtesy: Press Trust of India. Edited for]
May 28, 2015

Conversation about this article

1: Kaala Singh (Punjab), May 28, 2015, 12:31 PM.

This is the government that set up the sham SIT to probe the mass-murders of Sikhs in 1984 which has not done anything till now. Maybe this SIT was set up to do the opposite, getting the few who were serving prison sentences released. One should understand that many of the culprits have "dual" loyalties to both the Congress and BJP. Those who provided their services to the Congress may also have provided services to the BJP in murdering minorities. These guys are paid henchmen and anybody can hire them. How will the BJP or Congress engineer another "riot" if it was to punish these guys? How can these guys dismantle the "riot industry"? Just yesterday, the Hindu Jats of Haryana who played a major role in killing Sikhs in 1984, attacked the Muslims for constructing a mosque in an area near Delhi. The news is that some Muslims were burnt 1984-style, their houses destroyed and were forced to flee the area. Not so long ago 1984-style attacks happened on Muslims in the Hindu-Jat dominated Western UP and hundreds of Muslims were killed and raped just because a Muslim boy had an affair with a Hindu girl. During the Delhi elections, many churches were attacked to create communal tension and win elections. There will be no end to "riots" in India, it has become a lucrative industry for both the killers and the organizers.

2: Kaala Singh (Punjab), May 28, 2015, 3:29 PM.

India has been facing a lot of international embarrassment for the mass-murders of its minorities, particularly the biggest massacres -- the Sikh genocide (1984) and the Muslim massacre (2002). They are in a "clean-up" mode now, since the "genocide party" is gone and they had never imagined that they will get exposed in front of the whole world. If we consider the banning of books and films, blocking websites, setting up sham SITs, promising compensations (never to be paid) and the charm offensive (Modi in Canada calls Sikhs his blood-brothers), we will see a pattern and a systematic attempt to erase these genocides from public memory as this embarrassment has become too painful. Suppressing the voice of Sikhs on one hand and setting free their henchmen on the other will help them achieve just that, erasing the dark chapters of their history as if nothing happened and presenting themselves to the outside world as torch-bearers of humanity!

3: Gurteg Singh (New York, USA), May 28, 2015, 10:48 PM.

Irrespective of party labels, the Hindu establishment is united in its mission of subjugating Sikhs and denying them justice. While thousands of Hindus participated in the genocide of Sikhs, only a few low level minions (you can perhaps count them on your finger tip) have been prosecuted and were awarded light sentences. Even this has been a joke since many have been granted extended parole and are enjoying all luxuries inside the jail. The entire Hindu establishment - political, administrative and judiciary - has very cunningly protected all the top Hindu leaders who planned, ordered and executed the massacre of tens of thousands of innocent Sikhs. While these mass murderers are being prematurely released from their light sentences, innocent Sikh detainees who have already completed their long and unjustified sentences under draconian laws are still rotting in Hindu dungeons. Let me take this opportunity to warn the Sikh nation to be extra careful of the agent saboteurs during the upcoming Ghallughara Divas in memory of thousands of Sikhs who were killed by the Indian army in June 1984 when it attacked the Golden Temple. Indian agencies and RSS may like to repeat the drama of sword fights again in the precincts of Harmandar Sahib, with Indian media's cameras in strategic locations ready to beam this concocted shameful spectacle to the entire world to defame the Sikhs. It is time that United Nations took cognizance of the genocidal policies of India and take action against it.

4: Harsaran Singh (Indonesia), May 29, 2015, 9:44 AM.

On 2 April 2015, CBI -- which is India's premier investigative agency -- filed a closure report against Jagdish Tytler in the 1984 genocide case. Even Senior Advocate S.H.S Phoolka, who is fighting the case on behalf of the victims, was surprised to note that on 24 December, 2014 the CBI -- apparently at the behest of the central government -- had given a so-called "clean chit" to Tytler but the same was kept under wraps until April this year when the case was formally closed. One of the main perpetrators of the carnage and a Congress leader, the late Harkrishan Lal Bhagat had in an interview to an Indian magazine in 1986 claimed that it was wrong to think that only mobs incited by Congressmen were involved in the massacres. He had mentioned names of some top RSS and Jan Sangh (BJP predecessor) leaders in Delhi who had also taken part in the carnage. But as usual, nobody was willing to take note of his claims. While there is no doubt that a majority of the killers belonged to the Congress party, it is also true that the RSS has never been too happy to see the political or economic revival of the Sikhs. Readers who may have read Punjab Kesari and Lala Jagat Narayan in the 80's will surely understand the intentions of the RSS and their perspective of a "Hindu Rashtra".

5: Kaala Singh (Punjab), May 30, 2015, 12:59 AM.

@4: It is wrong to think that only the Congress was involved in the mass murder of Sikhs. The whole Hindu society ganged-up against the Sikhs and was very pleased with the massacre of Sikhs not just in Delhi but many other parts of India where Sikh communities existed. In the elections that followed the genocide, the Hindus voted overwhelmingly for the Congress and they secured 400 parliament seats as if they were rewarding this political party for the carnage. As you mentioned in your post sometime back, the Chattisinghpora massacre of Sikhs was the handiwork of the BJP. There is no difference between the Congress or the BJP, both are criminal gangs with a common objective to wipe-out the minorities. Differences only crop-up between them when looted booty is to be shared. Sikhs should not get misled with the present show of bonhomie by the BJP, they are acting covertly against the Sikhs.

6: Kaala Singh (Punjab), May 31, 2015, 5:14 AM.

All these guys who are being imprisoned and released in this drama are low-level hired criminals, the main planners and henchmen were never touched. Both the Congress and the BJP appointed the same guy -- Nanavati to probe the 1984 massacre of Sikhs and 2002 massacre of Muslims. In both cases, the top planners and henchmen were never named in his report. I have a few observations, which may help us understand this affair better. 1) Though anti-Sikh massacres happened all over India, he confined his probe to just Delhi. 2) He started his probe when the BJP was in power and submitted his findings when the Congress was in power. This is strange. What took him so long, especially when he confined his probe to just Delhi and with overwhelming evidence readily available 3) When the report was finally submitted to the Congress government, Home Minister Shivraj Patil (later Governor of Punjab), made changes to the report -- very strange, how can a minister make changes to a supposedly fact-based report? Was he diluting this report to save his party members? All of this was happening while Manmohan Singh was the PM and he later went to the UN and said that no Sikhs were killed in 1984! While the present Home Minister of India has acknowledged now that a genocide of Sikhs did take place. More facts will come out as time passes and we must document them. Considering the above, do you see any difference between the Congress or the BJP? All of They are chips off the same block!

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India’s BJP/RSS Regime Is Setting 1984 Mass-Murderers Free"

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