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Based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, USA, Sarbpreet is a poet and writer, commentator, playwright and an executive in the technology industry. He is the author of "Kultar's Mime," an epic poem on the 1984 pogroms.

Another 'Ode' to Indian Nationalism SARBPREET SINGH

"Naked you stand in the harsh light / Avarice, hatred your eyes reveal ..."

An 'Ode' to Indian Nationalism SARBPREET SINGH

I have washed the shame / Of a million frenzied couplings / Off your body and your clothes ...

Dilli Darshan:
The Killing Fields of Delhi SARBPREET SINGH

"Veer, I say / That is not your Dilli / Or mine ..."

The Boys of Boparai:
The Diaspora Diaries # 4 SARBPREET SINGH

From Panama, the three young men started walking northwards to Mexico.

Bodhidharma Singh:
Ratinder Paul Singh Ahuja of Silicon Valley SARBPREET SINGH

Sikh. American. Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. Tae Kwon Do Master. Qigong practitioner.

The Beauty of the Punjaban SARBPREET SINGH

"They know not the iron in your soul / They know not of your spine of steel ..."

A Precious Lesson Across the Divide SARBPREET SINGH

Stories of our Sikh ancestors who walked these very streets a hundred years ago.

Rejecting Litost,
Embracing Chardi Kala SARBPREET SINGH

His jaw was broken. He too could have felt ‘litost’. His words, however, smacked of something else.

Blissful Endeavor SARBPREET SINGH

I am quietly advised to not put the bride’s father on the spot ...

The Melody Maker of Jalandhar:

He has a faraway look in his eyes as he talks ...

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