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Based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, USA, Sarbpreet is a poet and writer, commentator, playwright and an executive in the technology industry. He is the author of "Kultar's Mime," an epic poem on the 1984 pogroms.

The Quest for Justice Continues:
US Court Asks -- Was Sonia Gandhi Complicit in the Crimes After the Fact? SARBPREET SINGH

Today’s torturers and murderers resemble 18th century pirates ...

How Dare You Villify Her Who Begets Kings? SARBPREET SINGH

"Of woman you are born; in woman you are formed; woman you seek as your mate ..."

The Birth of a Revolution ... Remembered: Diaspora Diaries SARBPREET SINGH

I strongly encourage our readers to travel to Astoria on October 4/5, 2013.

Of the People ... By the People,
But Not Quite For All the People SARBPREET SINGH

"The growth in Gross National Product seems rather hollow ..."

From Bellingham to Boston,

A meandering, convoluted journey that was started by an act of bigotry ...

The Spirit of Ramadan SARBPREET SINGH

My thoughts drift to the events of the holy month a year ago ...

Fear None, Frighten None: A Sikh Perspective on George Zimmerman SARBPREET SINGH

Being brave is worthy. Being strong is necessary. But when ...

Madiba, The True Sanyasi:
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela SARBPREET SINGH

Live on, Madiba. In this world and in the next ...

The Story of a Pogrom:

Would they get it? Would they care?

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