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Based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, USA, Sarbpreet is a poet and writer, commentator, playwright and an executive in the technology industry. He is the author of "Kultar's Mime," an epic poem on the 1984 pogroms.

A Riot Of Grrrls In The Age Of Trump SARBPREET SINGH

Our dystopian nightmare is here and there is much cause for despair.

A Thousand Sanctuaries SARBPREET SINGH

Imagine. Millions of us. Visiting each other’s places of worship. Sitting together, silently in prayer and solidarity.

Dear Mr Trump An Open Letter from SARBPREET SINGH

“Your words and actions in the next few weeks will impact the lives of millions.”

Ghosts Of Massacres Past:
Kultar’s Mime in Chennai, India SARBPREET SINGH

We are in the beautiful space that Chandralekha created.

Bill HR 4038 & The Republican-led US House Of Representatives:
An Acrostic For The Shame Of Our Times SARBPREET SINGH

A Sikh-American reacts …

Three Decades Later:
Coda To An Extraordinary Journey SARBPREET SINGH

"What is it that I hope to find? / In these dusty alleys, / Forbidden, unkind ..."

The Survivor:
Part II A Short Story by SARBPREET SINGH

The sound gets louder and closer. It invades our ears and mutes our tongues ...

The Survivor A Short Story by SARBPREET SINGH

Rani puts her arms around him and says it’s all right, it’s only a bad dream ...

Of Justice & Revenge SARBPREET SINGH

It is almost an anticlimax, when the news anchor declares that the young man has been sentenced to death.

Raag Tilang Greets Us At Harmandar Sahib SARBPREET SINGH

Once again, I find myself descending the marble steps that lead to the most peaceful promenade in the world.

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