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Sikh-Briton is New Face of Abercrombie & Fitch:

She's also a trailblazer, and an anti-bullying activist …

What Shall I Wear? RELIGION NEWS

The salwar-kameez is the regal Punjabi female costume which has now become universal across the length and breadth of the Subcontinent.

The Sikh Turban & Beard In High Fashion AVIRAL VIRK

“I feel that the younger Sikh generations over the years have embraced their culture and religious background with open arms ..."

Entrepreneur Tackles A Fashion Problem,
With An Engineering Solution:
Dolly Singh LIZ HULL

‘Five years from now I want every high heel on the face of the Earth to be made the way we make them.’

Turban Chic:

Merging the Sikh religious identity of the turban with fashion ...

Vibrant Threads Weave Magic at Mela Phulkari HENNA RAKHEJA

"We've invited artists to create and let us showcase their interpretations of phulkari ..."

British Columbia Punjabi Brides Turn Into Disney Princesses SARA HAROWITZ

A Sikh-Canadian couture shop in Surrey has combined the traditional with the whimsical ...

With Karan Kaur of Australia DANIELLE JARVIS

“I’ve gotten really good feedback, people saying it’s inspiring for them ... not to be shy about (their religion).”

The Sartorialist:
Pardeep Singh Bahra JOANNA SUGDEN

“He always got compliments on the way he dressed, I wanted to be like that, people respected him ...”

An Exhibition That Shows Wimps How To Properly Pull Off A Beard:
The Singh Project NATASHA HINDE

"These Sikh-Briton men have successfully spread into all corners of British society without sacrificing their identity."

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