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Leading Fashion Designer of India:
Sikh-Indian J.J. Valaya ASHIMA BATISH

His store is an extension of his creativity. Each collection occupies a specific area. Where creations are not placed against the wall, the framed photographs clicked by him are hung.

What Is "1469"? by SAIMI SATTAR

An incident in Florence, Italy, planted the seed of an idea and marked the beginning of their clothing store, "1469", named after the year of birth of Guru Nanak.

Bhavneet Kaur Ahuja:
Chandigarh's New Fashion Designer by JAGMEETA THIND JOY

Her label ‘BK’, launched over a year ago, offers a refreshing choice with practical yet stylish, trendy yet comfortable line of suits and tunics in pure cotton.

Striking a Conversation: Jagmeet Singh Sethi at TurbanInc by AREZOU REZVANI

If the spheres of fashion and religion seem disparate and distant, it is this 22-year-old's apparel company, Turban Inc., that has brought the two seemingly distinct worlds together.

How Handsome Is Thy Turban:
A Survey on Dating Turbaned and Bearded Sikhs by SAHIB SINGH

I did some research and interviews within the young, female Sikh demography in the West to get a better inkling as to what Sikh girls are really thinking about turbans and beards.

Black Magic:
Sahiba J. Singh, The Chic Couturier of Chandigarh by JAGMEETA THIND JOY

The Chandigarh-based designer and stylist who specialises in Sikh trousseau-wear for women and men, has loved working with black in all her collections.

Looking - And Being - Good is What Sikhi Is All About by SAHIB SINGH

Rather than wearing my usual black turban every day, I gradually started to match my clothes. I noticed a change almost immediately in those around me.

Garment and Adornment: The Culture of Clothes in Punjab by JASVINDER KAUR

Ghuggras were used as a formal wear and it was customary to wear them when women stepped out of the house. They removed it as soon as they came home.

Wanted Models: Saabat Soorat Sikh Males For PhotoShoot For International Magazine NOTICE

Photographer Timur casting 16-28 years old male Sikhs for a photoshoot for an internationally renowned magazine.

MythBuster: Dating & The Sikh Identity by SAHIB SINGH

In order to gain information on this little-explored topic, I had to interview an abundance of people. I broke them down into four categories ...

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