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Waris Singh Ahluwalia: Traditional Jewelry Turned On Its Head by ALICE PFEIFFER

His fine jewelry is sold at Colette in Paris, Barneys New York and Dover Street Market in London, among other shops.

Yoga - Neither Hindu, Nor Ancient: It's a 19th/20th Century Concoction by MEERA NANDA

Hinduism, whether ancient, medieval or modern, has no special claims on 21st century postural yoga. To assert otherwise is churlish and simply untrue.

Waris Ahluwalia Launches New Fashion Line by MELISSA WHITWORTH

"I take my work seriously but I don't necessarily take myself seriously. My craftsmen, the stores, the raw materials: that passion is out of control."

VOGUE: Waris Ahluwalia
"A True Masculine Icon for The 21st Century" An Interview by SABINE HELLER

He's a definitive example of the modern-day jet-setter, and has been a fixture on New York's coolest nightlife scene since he was a teenager.

GQ 's Top-10 Best Dressed List: Waris Singh Ahluwalia by PAUL CASCIATO

Vogue also took notice on their 2010 impact list that "You Know It's A Party If ... Waris Ahluwalia Shows Up"!

Mr Singh India: Young Lions on The Catwalk Text & Photos by UDAY KUCKIAN, ABHISHEK MANDE & HITESH HARISINGHANI

As the 20 strapping young men flexed their muscles, you could hear catcalls from the audience - some even from a few elderly ladies!

Sikh Military Chic CNN

" [They] fascinated me for their wish to always look nice. They always check their beard and moustache and have a certain idea of aesthetics ..."

Raising Kids to Say: iDon't Need iPhone by JUSPREET KAUR

On a Sunday afternoon during langar, I heard a series of beeps and buzzes followed by a flurry of voices ...

How to Cut & Sew a Salwar Kameez Suit by DEE SHNEIDERMAN

Especially popular in Punjab, both East and West, it is quickly becoming the dress of choice for females across South Asia.

Vanity Fair's 'Best Dressed' Man Ready For Bollywood NEWS

Waris Singh Ahluwalia, crowned 'The Punk Maharaja' by the American media, is on the world's most exclusive fashion list this year. 

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