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Loss of a Fabric:
Punjab's Textile Arts JASVINDER KAUR

Punjab made some of the finest shawls under Sikh patronage. During Ranjit Singh's reign,there were 300 factories manufacturing them.

The First Photo Portraiture of Sikhs & Punjabis AMARJIT SINGH CHANDAN

The first ever daguerreotype was taken in Lahore in 1848 by Dr John McCosh, a surgeon in the army of the British East India Company. The subject was Diwan Mool Raj, the Sikh Governor of Multan.

Photographing Sikhs With Fiona Aboud GINA RYDER

In the aftermath of the Wisconsin tragedy, "this is the perfect time for people to see [my pictures] because they wouldn’t just see the suffering but see the positive things.

The Most Dangerous Art & Occupation ... of the Cartoonist VISHAVJIT SINGH

Most jobs in the world come with some associated risks or occupational hazards. You might wonder what risks could possibly accompany the task of an editorial cartoonist?

1984: A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words AMRIT & RABINDRA KAUR SINGH

Against all odds, the Sikh community has been resilient enough to survive the greatest hardships and find the courage to preserve and protect its values, beliefs and identity.

The Singh Twins & Their Sikh-Canadian tour de force APARITA BHANDARI

In Sikhs in Canada, the CN Tower stands amid depictions of the first Sikh RCMP officer, the first Sikh in major league Football (Saskatchewan Roughriders) and the pop group Punjabi by Nature.

Canada's Royal Ontario Museum Commissions Singh Twins Painting on Sikh-Canadians ROM

The work, done in the artists' trademark "post-modern" style, is a tour-de-force reflecting the historical and cultural evolution of the Sikh community in Canada.

Kanwar Singh's New Masterpiece:
Guru Gobind Singh - Master & Disciple

"I was interested in creating more than a mere representation of an integral event in Sikh history. I wanted to convey the most inspiring aspect of this momentous scene ..."

Languishing Sobha Singh Paintings To Be Restored DECCAN HERALD

Two art restorers from Britain will be visiting the museum in Andretta to critically inspect and restore some of the works.

Another Auction of Sikh Historical Artifacts

The catolgue consists of a large number of items - sketches, photographs, weapons, books, documents, etc. - described as 'Sikh' and/or related to Punjab.

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