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Sacred Words:
A New SikhMuseum Exhibit SANDEEP SINGH BRAR

Each letter and word has thin, long, flowing lines that express a stunning beauty ...

The Kangra Bride:
A Painting by Sobha Singh KAMAL GAREWAL

I was only a five-year-old when the painter handed over this masterpiece to my family.

Reviving a Tradition:
Sikh Musical Instruments of Yesteryear Text & Photos by AMARDEEP SINGH

Music is a double edged sword.

Sikh Painter is Top-Selling Woman Artist in the World:
Sikh Art, Old & New, Attracting International Interest SHONA ADHIKARI

“Glamorous women with hour-glass shapes are for film and television. I paint real women.”


Was there a painting done or photograph taken of him as a full-fledged Sikh in his adulthood?

The Property of a Gentleman:
Maharaja of Patiala's Dinner Service Can Now Be Yours! SIKH MEDIA SERVICE

This extensive silver-gilt set comprises over 1,400 pieces.

The Domes of The Golden Temple Text & Photos by AMARDEEP SINGH

An aerial view of the domes reveal the design of a lotus flower.

Fiona Aboud and

"On a beautiful summer day, I donned the spirit of Captain America ..."

The Journey of An Artist:
Rahi Mohinder Singh ROOPINDER SINGH

"He has a great understanding of the Punjabi way of life."

The Guns of the Nihangs Text & Photos by AMARDEEP SINGH

They maintain the martial traditions from the time of the Tenth Master.

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