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Languishing Sobha Singh Paintings To Be Restored DECCAN HERALD

Two art restorers from Britain will be visiting the museum in Andretta to critically inspect and restore some of the works.

Another Auction of Sikh Historical Artifacts

The catolgue consists of a large number of items - sketches, photographs, weapons, books, documents, etc. - described as 'Sikh' and/or related to Punjab.

Sikh Exhibit at Fresno Art Museum Has Smithsonian Pedigree by DONALD MUNRO

An exhibition that offers a peek into the art and traditions of a culture that has been firmly enmeshed in the Valley's daily life since the 1920s, but that many people still don't know much about.

Auction of Sikh Historical Artifacts MULLOCK'S

The next Mullock's auction of Sikh and Punjab-related historical artifacts includes paintings and miniatures, photographs and plaques, books and pamphlets, documents and ephemera.

Nostalgic Expressions:
The Art of Malkit Singh by JASMEEN SAINI

Malkit Singh feels blessed. His gratitude finds form on the canvas. His paintings carry deep impressions of memories of his mother and village.

An Illustrated, Online Intro To The Turban by VISHAVJIT SINGH

The latest collection of toons by SikhToons creator now available online, free! - explaining the significance of the Sikh turban in a post 9/11 world of confusion.

A Burst of Laughter:
The Art of Paramjit Singh by SUKANT DEEPAK

“I don’t paint figures, but you can of course feel their presence through absence,” Paramjit smiles. Between the sketches of a girl from Norway and those of mountains, Ghalib comes alive.

Her Father's Daughter: The Resurrection of Naresh Singh by PARUL BAJAJ

A full-time photographer, Naresh Singh’s main subject of work was the nude, and his bold compositions that looked like paintings were a fine blend of art with technique.

The Gold Mohur From Ranjit Singh's Reign by SHYAM BHATIA

A mystery buyer has paid more than £10,000 (Rs 800,000) for the gold coin from Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s reign that was auctioned in the United Kingdom earlier in the week.

The Phulkari Tradition by SWATI RAI

A traditional Punjabi song goes as follows: The Phulkari is a token of a mother’s labour of love;/ Fortunate are those who get this bittersweet pleasure.

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