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The Gold Mohur From Ranjit Singh's Reign by SHYAM BHATIA

A mystery buyer has paid more than £10,000 (Rs 800,000) for the gold coin from Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s reign that was auctioned in the United Kingdom earlier in the week.

The Phulkari Tradition by SWATI RAI

A traditional Punjabi song goes as follows: The Phulkari is a token of a mother’s labour of love;/ Fortunate are those who get this bittersweet pleasure.

Sikh Historical Artefacts Back on Auction Block MULLOCK`S

Important documents from the collection of Sir John Login, Duleep Singh's English tutor, guardian and the main instrument of British deviousness unleashed on the child, will also go under the hammer.


Sikh-Indian Wins Grange Photography Prize by JAMES ADAMS

She prevailed over three other finalists to take Canada’s largest photography prize and the only major Canadian art laurel to be selected by public vote. A total of more than 12,000 individuals cast votes to select the winner.

The Haveli of Maharaja Naunihal Singh:
A Jewel In The Heart of Lahore Text & Photography by AOWN ALI

One of the few remaining royal residences from the Sikh period, this Haveli is situated inside the old walled city - located between the historic Bhatti and Lohari gates, where Mori Gate once stood.

Staying Alive:
An Old School of Sikh Martial Arts by STEPHANIE HEGARTY

A former factory worker from the British Midlands may be the last of the known practitioners of the centuries-old Sikh battlefield art of shastar vidya.

The Charkha:
A Disappearing Act by S.P. SHARMA

Bathinda's Jodhpur Pakhar village, once home to the traditional charkha, now lies in isolation as the youth has shifted to towns in search of gainful employment. 

Harjinder Singh "Sidharth":
The Harbinger of Happiness by NONIKA SINGH

When he read Guru Nanak’s elucidation of seasons and created one image after another, 700 in all, of the 12 months. He quips, "No other civilization has such an interesting understanding of seasons as we do."

Life of Guru Nanak:
The Art Of Three Young Punjabis by SHEVETA BHATIA

Each of the three artists also works at Probity Comics, which has published a series of six graphic story books on the life of Guru Nanak, which are now being marketed across the diaspora.

East Meets West:
Singh Twins Tarot Cards NEWS REPORT

An exhibition  titled, The Art of Tarot: New Work by The Singh Twins, presents the major arcane of Tarot images from a fresh artistic perspective that reflects their eclectic, east/west style.

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