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T. Sher Singh



Exhausted by 20 years as a litigation lawyer in Canada, Sher has now moved on to full-time writing  -  and being a bit of a grump in mid-life.

The Joys of Grandparenthood T. SHER SINGH

Life is an ongoing shower of gifts and blessings. The trick, they say, is standing still from time to time to catch a few of them.

Moving Forward -
Or Sliding Backward?
The Choice Is Entirely Ours T. SHER SINGH

" ... my knees simply will not bend, my head will just not bow, before an idol, no matter how beautiful, how tall, how rich ... Life doesn't work by proxy for me."

Everybody Seems to Want 'Unity'.
What's With This Unity Thing Anyway? T. SHER SINGH

As a community we are not a monolith - thank God! We are encouraged to think for ourselves.

Freedom Don't Come Easy T. SHER SINGH

I stood there stunned, gearing up for a riot. The urchins were frozen in motion, assessing the situation.

Neither a Shield, Nor a Sword:
The Concept of Seva T. SHER SINGH

This essay explores the anatomy of "seva" and offers a perspective on how it should and shouldn't be practiced.

Our Identity T. SHER SINGH

Why are we labelled Asians in some countries, Blacks in others, Coloreds in some. And then, South Asians ...?

The Moth and the Flame:
How and Why We Celebrate Guru Arjan Today T. SHER SINGH

Volunteers spill into the streets, gently stop the traffic and offer kacchi lassi to all those who are driving by.  

Pita ji's Dream:
Happy Father's Day
Sunday, June 17, 2018 T. SHER SINGH

Decades later, as he lay on his deathbed, a dream revived a memory. "I want to go to Rome," he said.

Indian Mischief is Afoot, Challenging Times Are Coming Our Way:
We Need To Be Alert, Vigilant …
And In Chardi Kalaa T. SHER SINGH

Something wicked this way comes …

My Mother ...
And Motherhood:
Happy Mothers Day -
Sunday, May 13, 2018 T. SHER SINGH

The brunt of the sacrifices we had to make were primarily borne by Biji.

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