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An endeavour to spread awareness about Punjab and the problems it faces.

Reimagine Belonging:
with WINGS and ROOTS,

Certain taunts and name-callings are familiar to children of immigrants.  

Sikh-Canadian Women Take On Bhangra LARISSA CAHUTE

10,000 people attended the 10-day long festival in 2012.

Endangered Scriptural Manuscripts CHANDER SUTA DOGRA

Devinder Pal Singh goes from village to village searching for old ‘birs’ of the Guru Granth Sahib.

A Short Film on the Environment A Film by MANDEEP SINGH AUJLA

aab” means water. [Punjab - ‘Five (punj) Waters (aab)’]

Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Harmony:
The Fabulous Lipitones GURMEET KAUR

One by one, each stereotype is dispelled.

The Ultimate Irony:
A Film Titled 'Our Basic Right' is Banned in India I. J. SINGH

Banning a movie and closing all conversation on it is like burning a book.

Kid to Kid:
Sikh-American School Children Turn to Filmmaking to Educate Friends ELIZABETH WAIBEL

13-yr old Hana Kaur and about 30 other kids of ages 8 to 14 ...

The Religious Sanction of India's Gang-rape Practices DENNIS GRUNES

The religious practices that nurture the country's misogyny.

Lincoln has Important Lessons for Today's Leaders TONY BURMAN

Good politics entails accommodation and compromise.

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