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Kultars Mime:
A Play about The 1984 Pogroms NANCY SHOHET WEST

It's based on Sarbpreet Singh's acclaimed poem on the events of 1984.


An endeavour to spread awareness about Punjab and the problems it faces.

Reimagine Belonging:
with WINGS and ROOTS,

Certain taunts and name-callings are familiar to children of immigrants.  

Sikh-Canadian Women Take On Bhangra LARISSA CAHUTE

10,000 people attended the 10-day long festival in 2012.

Endangered Scriptural Manuscripts CHANDER SUTA DOGRA

Devinder Pal Singh goes from village to village searching for old ‘birs’ of the Guru Granth Sahib.

A Short Film on the Environment A Film by MANDEEP SINGH AUJLA

aab” means water. [Punjab - ‘Five (punj) Waters (aab)’]

Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Harmony:
The Fabulous Lipitones GURMEET KAUR

One by one, each stereotype is dispelled.

The Ultimate Irony:
A Film Titled 'Our Basic Right' is Banned in India I. J. SINGH

Banning a movie and closing all conversation on it is like burning a book.

Kid to Kid:
Sikh-American School Children Turn to Filmmaking to Educate Friends ELIZABETH WAIBEL

13-yr old Hana Kaur and about 30 other kids of ages 8 to 14 ...

The Religious Sanction of India's Gang-rape Practices DENNIS GRUNES

The religious practices that nurture the country's misogyny.

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