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Teenaa Kaur Pasricha’s Latest Documentary:
1984 - When the Sun Didn’t Rise
Jis Din Suraj Ugya Nahi R K ROSHNI, SUHANI SINGH, et al

Funded by The Busan International Film Festival and The Leipiz International Festival.

I Saw Komagata Maru At Stratford,

I strongly recommend you read Pollock’s play – it only takes an hour and a half – before going to see the play.

Truth Be Told:
Stratford’s “The Komagata Maru Incident” Recreates A Dark Chapter From Canada’s Past A Review by T. SHER SINGH

The play runs until Sep 24, 2017.

Toronto’s Lilly Singh Brings YouTube Act To ‘Just For Laughs’ Stage BILL BRIOUX

She bills herself as “Superwoman,” but she’s adored by fans as the girl next door.

Popular TV Show, The Bachelorette, Turns Spotlight On A Sikh-American Convert KATE SHELLNUTT

“An opportunity for people to see us as a normal part of American society …”

‘I Hung Out With Roger Moore On The Set Of Octopussy’ DEL SINGH

A rather surreal conversation led to me meeting the James Bond actor.

The Rise Of LillyTube SIMON HOUPT

Two billion views on YouTube, a new book and brands knocking down Lilly Singh's door.

Rupi Kaur’s Bestseller Poetry Turned Into Stage Play BROOKE McAFEE

In the small theater, a woman cried onstage as she leaned against a stack of blocks.

Gurinder Kaur Chadha‘s Latest Film ‘Viceroy's House’:
Inspired By Family Experience Of Partition Of Punjab And India NINA NANNAR

Fourteen million people were forced to leave their homes …

A Film For The Holidays:
Fiddler On The Roof T. SHER SINGH

The plot covers the whole gamut of the Sikh experience of the last 70 years.

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