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An Ode to The Sikh Raj:
A Sikh Haveli in Peshawar HIDAYAT KHAN

One of the few well-preserved reminders of the history of Sikhs in Peshawar ...

A Gem of a Jeweller’s Apartment in London:
Gurmit Kaur Campbell DINAH HALL

A jeweller has applied the same fastidious care – and eccentric, multicultural glamour – to her Hyde Park home as she does to her work

Dipalpur Fort & Gurdwara:
One of Many Rich Heritage Sites From The Lost Sikh Homeland OMAR MUKHTAR KHAN

Kids now play cricket in the prayer hall.

In An Eternal State of Waiting:
A Gurdwara in Daultala, Punjab, Pakistan QURATULAIN FATIMA

I discovered it to be a closed-down school that once used to be a gurdwara.

The Neighbourhood:
Sujan Singh Park, New Delhi MAYANK AUSTEN SOOFI

Green creepers cover the red brick walls. Hibiscus vines frame the windows ...

Between A Mosque and a Madrassah:
Karachi’s Ratan Talao Gurdwara AKHTAR BALOUCH

With a sad smile on his face, he said: “You must know why no records of it can be found.”

The Guardians of the Spirit World -
The Bukit Brown Cemetery, Singapore Photos & Article by AMARDEEP SINGH

There are nearly 50 tombs with statutes of Sikh soldiers guarding them.

Our Heritage

We should enable the kaar-seva babas to travel to Europe and see the superb restoration work done there on gothic cathedrals.

Ranjit Singh's Historic Haveli is Now a Vegetable Market MANJEET SEHGAL

The Pakistani Waqf Board has constructed six vegetable shops by destroying the ground floor.

Haveli Soojan Singh:
The Disappearing Sikh Heritage of Rawalpindi SHIRAZ HASSAN

A city which has a lot to tell about its history and heritage ...

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