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Primary Colours:
The Punjab Capital & Capitol RAJNISH WATTAS

A play of forms, splashes of bright colours, signs, dapples of light and shadows ...

A New Rapid Transit System for Amritsar SAPTARISHI DUTTA

Driverless pod cars are set to run on a dedicated double-decker roadway.

Glasgow, Scotland, has a New Gurdwara AMANDA KEENAN

"We welcome everyone to pay a visit.”

Chandigarh, The Wonder City of Punjab:
There's Nothing Like It Anywhere Else in India ANALJIT SINGH

Modern India begins and ends here in this Punjabi city.

Sikh-American on a Mission to Restore Historical Gurdwaras SMRITI MALAVIYA

He has vowed to restore historical gurdwaras in India and Nepal.

One of The Great Architects of The World:
Bhai Ram Singh B.N. GOSWAMY

He designed some of the most imposing buildings in England and the subcontinent.

Where Sikh Queens Once Resided:
The Sheikhupura Fort Text & Photography by AOWN ALI

Maharaja Ranjit Singh bestowed this fort as a “jaageer” to his queen, Rani Datar Kaur (1801-1840), the mother of the crown prince, Kharak Singh.

Pakistani Professor Discovers Sikh Heritage BUSHRA SHEHZAD

When I learned that "Getting To Know Pre-Colonial Punjab Through Sikh-Period Frescoes", was being offered as an actual course at a Lahore university, I was ecstatic.

The Gothic Palaces of Faridkot by SUBHAS PARIHAR

The royal family lived in the palaces of Faridkot Fort until Balbir Singh erected a new palace complex for himself outside the fort, and called it Raj Mahal.

The Sikh Kingdom Of Faridkot by SUBHAS PARIHAR

The Malwa chiefs, caught between the devil and the deep sea, decided to seek British protection because they believed the British would take a longer time to overcome them whereas Ranjit Singh would annex them immediately.

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