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Roll of Honour:
An Interview With Author Amandeep Singh Sandhu,
& Punjabi Translator Daljit Ami An Interview by PREETI SINGH

Literature based on acts of human atrocities against a race, community or caste has become an independent genre.

Writing About Love ALICE L. DANIEL

The stories address love and the resulting joys, complications, even disappointments – love for a place, a man, a woman, a career.

Two New Volumes of
Fascinating Folk Tales of Punjab A Review by MANMEET KAUR

Gurmeet Kaur has included words from folklore that are from the Guru Granth Sahib but are disappearing ...

A New Novel on The Great Betrayal:
Roopinder Singh’s Delhi ‘84 An Interview by SUKANT DEEPAK

“They tore my clothes and stripped me naked in front of my son ...”

Jaspreet Singh's 1984 Novel, "Helium" is On Longlist for Prize for South Asian Literature PRESS TRUST OF INDIA

Toronto-based author has been chosen for his lookback on the 1984 anti-Sikh pogroms in India.

$25,000 Punjabi Literature Prize-Winner Announced:
Avtar Singh Billing A SINGH

The top winning work is the novel, “Khali Khoohaan di Katha” (The Story of Empty Wells).

Fathers & Daughters:
Two Biographies NEW BOOKS

Simranjit Singh Mann spent five years in prison, after which all charges were dropped.


Turbans have been around for centuries -- as a sign of royalty, nobility and class

Part II Bhai VIR SINGH [Translated from Punjabi by INNI KAUR]

“With Truth on your side, how can you be alone? Your actions are pure ..."

Part I Bhai VIR SINGH [Translated from Punjabi by INNI KAUR]

The young widow occasionally breaks into sobs. It is her first night of an eternal separation.

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