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He Took On the Racists in The Royal Canadian Legion ...

In 1993, Sikh veterans from the World Wars were denied entry into the Royal Canadian Legion ... because they were turbanned!

Savage Harvest:
Stories of Partition BOOK REVIEW

Punjab -- the land from Delhi to Rawalpindi -- was soaked in blood.

All of India, Not Just the Survivors, Needs to Mourn 1984 An Interview by MALINI NAIR

"One does not decide to visit 1984. 1984 keeps visiting us ..."

Late Lateef:
Look Who Now Also Loves Punjab A Book Review by NAVTEJ SINGH SARNA

With no original research, the author merely regurgitates history with an added bias.

Bishop John Shelby Spong:
Ahead of His Time in Christian Reforms DAVID GIBSON

“The older I get the more deeply I believe but the fewer beliefs I have."

A New International $25,000 Literary Prize for Punjabi Writers NEWS REPORT

“It is time for this literature to receive the recognition that it is due ...”

The Girls Ate Last:
An Autobiographical Tale by Supriya Singh Book Review by GEETANJALI SINGH CHANDA

Mother-daughter stories are complex narratives of silences, elisions and of love.

Labour of Love:
A New Translation of Guru Granth Sahib PHIL ANDERSON

"it is God-inspired,” he says. “It is nothing of my own.”

India Dishonoured:
Behind a Nation's War on Women SUNNY HUNDAL

"An army of single, angry men who will likely never find wives and settle down ..."

Marriage Material:
A New Novel by Sathnam Singh Sanghera LUCY SCHOLES

He examines the nationwide story of British immigration through the prism of the Sikh-Briton experience.

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