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A Sikh-American Thanksgiving Celebration SUMEET KAUR

Just like the Pilgrims, my Sikh-American family emigrated to the United States looking for religious and economic freedom ...

India Stockpiles Arms:
$100 Billion ‘Defence Upgrade’ -
And a Billion Starving Souls Look On in Awe & Gratitude? REUTERS

Latest purchase: 814 mounted gun systems ...

More Adventures:
Janam da Firangee,

My wife -- a.k.a. The Raj Dulari -- and I were in New York City and hailed a cab.

14 Million Slaves Makes India Worst In The World ANKIT PANDA

Bonded labor is particularly prevalent throughout India, with families enslaved for generations.

Conduct Unbecoming a Nation Grounded in Religious Freedom:
Iknoor Singh vs The United States of America Editorial, NEWSDAY

He shouldn't be forced to choose between his faith and his country.

Sikh-Canadians Make Further Strides in British Columbia Municipal Elections NEWS REPORTS

Two mayors and well over a dozen have been elected as city councillors in different municipalities.

Fire Devastates Chicago Area Gurdwara:
Island Lake, Illinois CHICAGO TRIBUNE

“It's very sad news for us,” he said. “I feel I am burning inside ... I have no words.”

How To Shoot Yourself in The Foot:
Religious References Stricken From School Calendar -
Montgomery County, Maryland DONNA ST. GEORGE

Official holidays will now hide behind the pretext of honouring ‘high absenteeism’.

More Than Just History SANDEEP SINGH BRAR

Remembrance Day is all about heart, about remembering those who never came home to their families.

Wearing A Uniform:
Boldly and With Pride MUKHBIR SINGH

The turban and the five articles of faith worn by Sikh men and women (often called the “5 K’s“) are a uniform for the Khalsa.

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