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A Brief Guide To Gender in India MINAL HAJRATWALA, Granta

A fun thing to do if you are a government official in India is to go on a banning spree.

Millennials of The Sikh Diaspora:
Sikh Studies Conference MOJGAN SHERKAT

The term ‘Millennials‘, or ‘Generation Y‘, has been applied to the generation reaching young adulthood in the early 2000s.

Yup, I Took The Day Off For Vaisakhi BHAVDEEP SINGH

We were going to celebrate Vaisakhi on Vaisakhi Day! The actual day.

When Vaisakhi Is More Than A Holiday JOYCE S. DUBENSKY

No one is exempt from exclusion and violence. Today's bystander may be tomorrow's victim. And that means we must stand together now.

India’s Obscene Arms Purchases:
A Pathology Or A Business Opportunity? PHIROZE VASUNIA

For India’s corrupt business tycoons it's an "opportunity" to embrace openly.

Jagmeet Singh Named Deputy Leader of Ontario Political Party ROBERT BENZIE

Jagmeet was also recently named one of the 50 Most Influential People of Toronto.

Governments Scramble To Hide Their Shame,
As Surat Singh Continues His Struggle For Justice ANUMEHA YADAV

We are Sikhs, if anyone hits at us, we will hit back. We will not accept what is wrong and move on.”


Punjabi Language & The Politics of Division:
A Pakistani Perspective MAHMOOD AWAN

Our language and literature continued to thrive in spite of all the communal differences and colonial onslaught.

As Children Go Hungry:
India’s Wrong Priorities JEAN-PIERRE LEHMANN, Forbes

“There is a remarkable tolerance of inequity, filth and human suffering”.

Amandeep Singh Bhogal Throws Hat In The Ring In Northern Ireland Elections NEWS REPORTS

He moved to Northern Ireland from Kent in England where he grew up.

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