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India’s Hindu Caste Wars -
Krishna in Hindu Texts is Dark-Skinned:
Then Why Does Hindutva Make Him Light Skinned? GEETA PANDEY

Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu deity is shown light-skinned. A white elephant?

Raising Kids in Delhi’s Worsening Air MEGAN K STACK

To live in India’s capital these past years has been to witness a city coming to the slow, sickening realization of a terrible crisis.

India Traffic Deaths:
400 Every Day,
150,000 Every Year P R SANJAI

Global Auto Safety Test body gives Indian manufactured cars a ZERO star rating. That is, for new cars being sold in the marketplace.  The old cars on the roads don't even get tested.

Hindutva India’s Internecine Caste Wars:
The Next Chapter MICHAEL SAFI, The Guardian

Hindu fundamentalists clash with Dalit Hindus over 200-year-old battle ... Because the Dalits had helped win it against the

Nobody Gives A Damn:
The Deadly Cocktail Of Poisons In Delhi Air Is Perfect Example Of Everything That’s Wrong With India SHIVAM VIJ, Quartz India

WHO report: 2.5 million Indians died of pollution in 2015 alone.

Transforming Punjab,
One Village At A Time I P SINGH

A success story with the active involvement of Sikhs from the diaspora.

Lakshmi’s Gift To Modi’s India On Diwali Day:
India Declared Most Polluted Country In The World R PRASAD

2.51 million pollution related deaths in India in one year alone (2015).

Bigots Come Out Of The Woodwork To Troll
Jagmeet Singh,
The New Canadian Leader JAGDEESH SINGH MANN, The Vancouver Sun

Terrry Milewski leads the pack.

Democrat Manka Kaur Dhingra
Vying For Crucial Washington State Senate Seat
In November 7, 2017 Election JOSEPH O’SULLIVAN, JULIA DUIN

A senior deputy prosecuting attorney for King County.

Freedom Fighter’s Hunger Strike Reaches 1000 Days:

Since 16 January, 2015, Bapu Surat Singh has endured unimaginable hardship at the hands of Indian governmental authorities.

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