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India’s Embattled Democracy HARTOSH SINGH BAL

With his ratings failing, how far down an undemocratic path might Modi and his BJP/RSS go to ensure a victory?

Guess Where Christians Face Some Of The Worst Persecution In The World Today APOORVANAND

Archbishop Couto's letter should be seen in the context of growing anti-minority violence in India.

Four Sikh-Canadians Elected To Ontario Legislature:
Two Are Part Of New Conservative Government NEWS REPORT

Four Sikh-Canadians out of a total of 124 new MPPs.

India’s Top Media Giants Lead ‘Cash For Fake News’ Scandal:
Modi Govt Buys Blind Media Allegiance For Hindutva Propaganda JUSTIN ROWLATT, BBC

That the world's largest democracy languishes towards the bottom of the rankings for press freedom is already a matter of India's national shame.

Indian Mischief is Afoot, Challenging Times Are Coming Our Way:
We Need To Be Alert, Vigilant …
And In Chardi Kalaa T. SHER SINGH

Something wicked this way comes …

From Punjab to Palestine:
Why Young Sikhs Like Me Are Becoming Pro-Palestinian Activists JASPREET SINGH OBEROI

We Sikhs recognize the pictures from Gaza and the West Bank. We know what years of state-sponsored harassment and violence looks like.

'Democracy' in Modi/BJP's Hindutva India DEVESH K. PANDEY

100,000 voting documents and 9,700 voter identity cards found in a private residence days before the election.

United States Apologizes To Sikh-Canadian Cabinet Minister LEYLAND CECCO, The Guardian

Navdeep singh Bains refused to take off his turban after he had already passed through regular airport security checks.

Sikh History Being Systematically Removed From Indian School Text Books THE TRIBUNE

In place of Sikh history, the revised test books now have a bizarre interpretation of Punjab and Indian history with emphasis on Hindutva-generated mythology as well as lies and half-truths.

India a Democracy?
Under Modi, It Slips Two More Places to 138th in The World For Lack of Press Freedom THE HINDU NEWSPAPER

Most of the infractions come from the Prime Minister’s troll army.

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